Things You Should Know About Addiction


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First of all, you need to keep in mind that addiction is not a weakness but a condition that affects millions of people around the globe. So, there is hope that it can be treated by meth rehabilitation.

It is A Mental Illness

You need to keep in mind that it is a mental illness that can change brain function and structure. A recent report from rehabilitation centres Johannesburg shows that it is affecting 10% of adults in the United States. It swaps the desire of the brain to a drug that you are addicted to. Due to the changes in your brain, you can’t enjoy things that other normal people do. This change starts from pleasure and ends up in the desire to fulfill your needs. You will want that drug again as your brain wants it. When a person tries to quit, they can’t because addiction weakens the ability to manage impulses.

In short, words, when you are addicted to alcohol or any other substance, it hijacks your brain. It develops a desire for the substance and makes you physically dependent. When people try to quit or decrease their intake, they start showing dangerous physical symptoms. They lose their ability to control impulses.

It Rarely Acts Alone

Have you given any thought to why people are suffering from substance use disorder? There are multiple reasons such as depression, trauma, anxiety, and stress that can lead them to bad mental health. A recent study shows that people suffering from mental illness also struggle with addiction.

Who Can Develop an Addiction?

It is possible for anyone to addict to drugs or alcohol. However, there are some groups that are more vulnerable, and there are several factors that can contribute.


Research indicates that certain genes can contribute to the risk of developing substance use disorder. Environment factors such as trauma or stress can also play a part. There are some certain genes that pass down in families that can cause mental illness.

Mental Illness

Research shows that mental illness can result in SUD. For example, a person suffering from mental illness may find better while using drugs. They do help them relax for a while, but they can cause devastating effects. Continuous use of drugs can increase the rewarding effects and can develop an addiction. We have seen that people who struggle with mood disorders or anxiety often use alcohol.

What Causes Addiction

We cannot list a single cause of addiction. But there are few factors that can contribute to SUD.

Pressure From Friends

There is a chance that your friends encourage you to start using drugs. Most people fall prey to peers because they don’t want to lose friends.


A recent study from rehab cape town shows that availability at school or home is one of the big reasons for addiction. Sometimes, there is tremendous pressure from the family that leads the children to join the society of addicted people. There is also a chance that a kid is raised in a family where others are using alcohol or drugs.


A representative of rehab cape town told us that they interviewed many of their patients. They have seen that a huge number of the people who come to rehab are suffering from a bad breakup, the death of close ones, or financial problems. In these kinds of situations, people start finding relief, and they find drugs very useful. We have also seen that people with high levels of stress also start using drugs to take some relief. They think that by drinking alcohol, they can reduce stress.

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