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Launched in 2017, TikTok the video streaming social platform, recently announced that it would be launching a new Creative Agency Partnerships (CAP) University scheme that will help creative agencies evolve into TikTok experts. The five-week course will cover all the aspects of TikTok from getting started to how to optimize their marketing efforts. 

Dubbed the world’s fastest-growing entertainment platform, after following this CAP scheme, students or enrollees will be able to master the TikTok platform. This in turn, will help creatives to better pitch to clients on how to best leverage the platform in order to grow their business.

Mobile app developers such as Elegant Media can deliver creative campaign solutions that are conceived exclusively for the TikTok platform. 

CAP graduates can obtain a superior understanding of the creative possibilities of TikTok and in turn use these newfound skills and knowledge to come up with amazing creative campaigns that drive results. 

The classes will be live webinar sessions hosted by TikTok and the sessions will begin by helping creatives better lead meetings with clients and students will also learn to master TikTok’s in-house influencer marketing platform – The TikTok Creator Marketplace.

TikTok launches Creative Agency Partnerships

Better Client Meetings

It is envisaged that this new CAP scheme will help TikTok to form partnerships with new creators and also help digital and social agencies and their creatives to more efficiently advertise on the platform.

All creatives know that in order to succeed they must remain relevant. In order to keep up with the latest technological and social trends, TikTok now offers this special CAP scheme to creative agencies of all sizes. This CAP Scheme will help digital creatives hone their skills and become TikTok experts, leading with a sense of confidence and ambition.

This CAP course really drills in how to plan, concept, deploy and monitor digital campaigns, right across the TikTok platform. This will enable creatives to offer much more detailed reports to customers on how their content is performing in relation to the budget.

Brands can also benefit from such educational initiatives as their respective digital and social agencies will be able to better serve them in terms of refining their messaging and using targeting to narrow down the focus audiences for ar app design for example.

Semester Outline

Here is what to expect from the first semester at CAP University. The very first class is all about numbers. Students will be provided with a wide range of statistics that all creatives should be familiar with and then enroless can get an experience of some of the best examples of TikTok creative work to better imagine what’s possible.

The second session helps creatives up their game in terms of briefing and pitching. Students will be able to understand how to prepare and also receive briefs that are clear and accurate and also how to pitch and communicate ideas that are made specifically for the TikTok platform.

The third webinar covers all the patterns, trends, styles and learnings from TikTok across its history. From this enrollees will be able to clearly grasp the platform’s best practices that can help in more effective drafting, conceiving and creating.

The fourth session will inform students all about music and how music licensing works on the TikTok platform. We all agree that videos perform better with music so this class is on how you can use and license music for TikTok videos in the best manner possible. This session will also share students tips and tricks on how to better predict, identify and leverage trends in order to maximize campaign ROI. 

In the fifth class students will be given a thorough understanding of the TikTok Creator Marketplace, so they can work more productively with content creators. TikTok content creators constantly push the boundaries of creativity and in doing so give birth to trends and establish influence over large audiences. 

Following each session there will be a live office hours session with TikTok’s CAP team where students can raise questions and also furthermore have discussions about strategies, trends and styles as well. 

Family Safety

TikTok users can share emojis, videos and messages with their friends using direct messaging and there is also a feature to create custom videos based on the user’s comments. 

The live feature can be accessed only by influencers and to become an influencer you have to be over 18 years of age with a minimum of 1,000 followers. If you have content that is fun, engaging and interactive then followers can send virtual gifts that can be later exchanged for cash.

Concerned parents can use the family safety mode that was launched in 2020 February and they can control screen time, certain restrictions and also place a limit on direct messages.

TikTok also reselsed its Family Pairing initiative that provides parents and guardians with educational resources to understand what child users on TikTok can be exposed to.

When it comes to children, especially those under the age of 16 using TikTok, online safety is a key consideration of TikTok. The platform offers parents a range of tools and features that help them ensure that their children get the best of the TikTok platform with content that is appropriate, educational, informational , entertaining and most of all, fun.

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