Tiles or Hardwood: Top 3 Factors To Consider


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The type of feeling under the foot

Tiles or Hardwood: What type of feel the floors give off under the foot is definitely an important thing to consider for most homeowners. In addition to making sure that both you and your family feel comfortable within the house, it is also important to make sure that guests feel as though they have been invited into the house with solely them in mind.

If you were to walk barefoot on hardwood floors, then you will feel the warmth of the wood. If you were to do the same thing with tiles, it will feel very cold underneath your feet. Therefore, where you reside and what type of climate that particular place experiences will hold a lot of bearing on which one you will prefer. While hardwood flooring is preferred for colder climates because of the warmth that it radiates, floor tiles are preferred in climates where cooling is of the essence and is of high priority.

Value for money

The budget you have for renovations is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing what type of flooring to install. For sure, you would not want to overspend and cross your budget just to upgrade the floors of your home. With that being said, however, you should also consider how much value your choice of flooring will give you and add to your home.

Generally, hardwood flooring is much more expensive than tile flooring. Then there is also the cost of the professional installation which must also be factored into the total cost. If cost is a serious concern, then you can look for cheaper types of wood that are much more readily available. This is because the more exotic woods are much harder to come by and are hence much more expensive.

It is true that it can vary drastically in price based on the type and style of the tiles you choose, tile flooring, in general, is much cheaper than any kind of hardwood flooring. For instance, if you were to go for glazed tiles instead of unglazed tiles, your costs will likely go up. Another major way by which you can cut down on the overall cost is to select a type of tile that you can install by yourself. This includes tiles such as ceramic tiles. Other types of tiles like porcelain tiles, will require you to get professional installation.

One other important thing that has to be said is that although hardwood flooring will cost you more when you go out to buy it, it will definitely add a lot of class, elegance, and also value to your home. It is very important that you consider the long-term effects when choosing any type of flooring for your home.


Whatever type of flooring you choose, one of the most important things to realize is that you will be living with that type of flooring every day and how much upkeep it requires is definitely an important factor to consider as well. Are you the type of person who wants something that is hassle-free, or are you the kind of person who does not mind doing a bit of work in order to get the flooring of their choice? This is a major factor to take into consideration when you are trying to choose between tiles and hardwood flooring.

In general, hardwood flooring is much easier to take care of when you compare it against the regular tile floors. When you have hardwood flooring, you will need to sweep and vacuum it regularly, and occasionally you will have to clean it with a specific kind of hardwood cleaner. On the other hand, tiles need to be meticulously swept and also mopped almost every day. The grout that is necessary for the installation of tiles, has the potential to get caked with grime and also dirt. This means a lot more work than you would have to do with hardwood flooring.

On top of the requirements for daily maintenance, it will also be wise on your behalf to consider what the long-term maintenance requirements of both types of flooring look like. For example, if a tile cracks or breaks, it can be extremely challenging to find a piece that will match. You may even have to buy an entire set of tiles in order to replace just one tile. On the other hand, hardwood floors can last well for decades if it is just properly maintained. One other thing that you can do is to sand down any imperfections and then refinish the floors in order to give the floors a more refreshed look.


It goes without saying that how durable your flooring choice is, is a very important thing to consider. If the type of people that are living in your home are mostly adults and they happen to be a bit low-key, then durability might not be the biggest concern you have. On the other hand, if the household you live in has pets and children,  then you will most definitely want a flooring type that does not scratch or stain that easily.

When it comes to resilience, hardwood flooring is much less durable than tile flooring. It will definitely be visible if it has any signs of wear and tear and also, exposure to moisture can really dagame it as well. One other thing that has to be considered is the type of climate you live in. If the place you live in experiences extreme weather, both hot and cold, then there is a chance for your hardwood flooring to get warped. This type of flooring is also susceptible to dents and scratches as well.

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