Tips to buy used bikes in Delhi, specifically the expensive KTM ones


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There is no doubt that the ownership of a bike adds to the excitement in the life of all and status in the case of youngsters. Among various models and designs of bikes, we have KTM the perfect beginner’s choice. Whenever you wish to buy a bike, the actual bomb explodes on your budget. But if you desire to own a bike without having a stressed budget then going for a second-hand bike can be a suitable option. KTM has an efficient cooling system and the refinements of the engine address all the reliability issues. The same has been attested by various influences in the biking world. The popular and leading used KTM bikes in Delhi begins from ₹ 1 lakhs approximately. Though getting a bike adds to find adventure and fun on the roads but it is necessary to have a checklist before finalising any kind of used bike, may it be a KTM or any other bike. Being clear about the type and features of the bike you are looking for is mandatory e in case of buying second-hand bikes. Certain points should be taken care of before making the final payments. 

A few regarding the purchase of second hand (used) bikes

Opting for the ones which seem perfect for your riding type: It becomes mandatory to ask yourself a few ‘what, why, which and for whom’ questions before looking for the bike. This means that you should be completely clear about the type of bike you are looking for and the purpose for which you are making the purchase. Processing a bike means and expenditure and so answering above questions I will help you in molding the search as per the needs.

Checking details about the shortlisted bikes: This forms the most important point regarding the purchase of second-hand bikes. Why should not be shy asking about the conditions of the bike, the reason for selling, any previous accidental history of the same etc? In the deal, your money is involved so it is better to take a physical assessment about the paint quality, any leakages, conditions of tyres, scratches etc. Try to have a good eye when looking for any type of dents. It’s totally fine to be sure at present instead of regretting in future.

  • Record of service: It is better to check with the owner about the appropriate servicing dates and history of the same. This helps to ensure and access the reason for sale. The regular servicing assures the intact conditions of the brakes and the bike as a whole.
  • Mandatory scanning of the VIN: The vehicle identification number, stamped just behind the headlight on the steering next section of the frame, serves to be a legal identity of any vehicle. The same should be checked on the official website to have the surety that both matches.
  • Online research: Talking to the experts for discussing the details about the products is, good to clarify all the doubts regarding the purchase. The experts available online may help you to make the right decisions regarding the purchase. Using online apps one can easily compare the rates of various models according to the date of manufacture as well as the availability of the same. Instead of running here and there without any information, it is better to have elite research.
  • Paper verification: The concept of verification should include the insurance papers, pollution certificate, invoice letters, the RC book and all other details regarding the vehicle. This is mandatory as once purchased you will have to bear any legal formalities in future.
  • Having a test drive and getting a local mechanical check: Last but not least in the case of a second-hand bike you have the full authority to get the vehicle checked by your private mechanic to be sure of the quality purchase. It seems wise to have a clogged bi a third party for making any contract.

Once everything is settled you should ensure the completion of all the legal paperwork relating to the transfer of ownership and insurance papers to your name. This also should be done with utmost care as the transfer of ownership stands completely important to avoid any further issues. Once the deal is stock it is necessary to get the two forms signed along with the receipt of payment and getting a signature of any witness at your side becomes mandatory. You can take the bike and provide the delivery note to the other party. 

The above-mentioned points are necessary to be considered while buying the used bikes as these involves your monetary assets. In the same manner, KTM bikes specifically are expensive ones and even the used one involves a large sum and so one needs to be a more careful second-hand market of the same. A few points to be considered specifically in case of buying the old KTM bike in Delhi are as follows: 

  1. Conditions visually and internally: Looking good, the vehicle stands a chance of running the same way. But it is not wise to go with the looks of anything. It is better to know the acceleration, braking vibrations and the total response off the bike and various conditions as we are aware that it is a used one. 
  2. Accessories and after-sale equipment: It is better to know the aftermarket piece is installed. This is so because of the owner of the possibility of getting the original parts replaced due to some accident any crash. Switch keys, lights, and other minor details need to be analysed before making any lead so that any mess could be avoided. Drawing with the ignition and the note and the instant start of the bye indicates its good condition. If it does not then something is being messed up either with the battery or the Crank.

At last, it is necessary to tour sure that the benefits of the insurance off the third party are any damages to the vehicle due to any happenings are all done. Also, the km driven by a bike is considered an important factor to be taken care of while purchasing second hand or used bikes.


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