Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks: Top 10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks


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Skin ageing happens even before the golden age. Naturally, signs of aging occur at the age of 28, but some factors speed things up. A study found that stress has detrimental effects on skin aging. Stressful events, such as board examinations, cause the skin to age faster. We will discuss Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks in this article.

For example, students get stressed out about their cosmetology board examination, which can lead to formation of wrinkles. If you have the same problem, you can look for a practice test online, such as this page. It will help you study and relieve stress since it will prepare you for the real thing.

However, that would not be enough to repair your damaged skin. Luckily, there are beauty hacks that you can do for a timeless skincare routine.

Apply Aloe for Additional Hydration

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Proper hydration is essential to maintain younger-looking skin. It plumps the skin, removes toxins, and gives it a healthy shine.

Drinking enough water is beneficial to the body both inside and out. For additional hydration, natural substances like aloe and honey also help.

Aloe vera is soothing, making it an excellent choice for when you have irritated skin. Honey, on the other hand, helps moisturize dry skin. You can use both with a few drops of coconut oil to hydrate the skin.

Add Face Serum to Your Skincare Routine

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Some say applying the serum before putting on moisturizer is overkill. But that’s not true at all. You can consider serum as the workhorse of your skincare routine. Usually, a serum is applied before moisturizer and after washing and toning. 

They are effective agents against wrinkling. You won’t have to worry about going out in the sun and reapplying serum. They will be quickly absorbed into your skin and a deeper level of the cell. Just make sure that your serum contains antioxidants for better outcomes.

A tiny container usually has a high concentration of active ingredients. These ingredients are designed to treat skin problems like dullness and age spots.

Don’t Throw Away Your Moisturizer

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As mentioned before, moisturizers and serums work hand in hand. While serum treats skin cell damage, moisturizers seal the serum into your skin. That’s why they are often applied after you use a serum.

Additionally, they help keep away environmental irritants like dust and makeup particles. As a result, your chances of experiencing inflammation, redness, and acne will be slim.

Moisturizers are an important anti-aging product that is a good addition to your skincare routine. They make your skin look healthier and more lively, reducing the chances of skin problems. To keep the moisture in, you can use hyaluronic acid moisturizers.

Apply Retinol In Between Moisturizers

Retinoids are a popular anti-aging ingredient. They smoothen your fine lines and help reduce pores. While this is true, some people, like those with sensitive skin, are hesitant in using them. Luckily, cosmetologists and estheticians alike advised to layer it with moisturizer.

What you need to do is to apply the moisturizer before you put in a small drop of retinol. To top it all off, apply the same moisturizer to buffer the effects of retinol. Doing so will reduce the risk of experiencing red or dry skin.

However, you don’t just use retinol right away. You need your skin to adjust to its effects first. It will be helpful to use retinol once or twice a week. After that, you can gradually increase the times you use it in a week.

Increase Vitamin C Intake

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Vitamin C is not only good for boosting your immunity system. It is also used in popular skincare products that offer many advantages. It is a kind of antioxidant that helps with dark spots and increases collagen production. Taking enough Vitamin C will result in healthy and smooth skin.

However, skincare products are not the only good source of Vitamin C. Foods such as vegetables and fruits also provide you a good amount of this vitamin.

Remove Dead Skin Cells With Fruit Acids

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It can be scary to think that acids are helpful for your skin. But don’t be! There’s a high chance you have already used them for your skincare routine. They can be found in some skincare products.

They are called “fruit acids” because they have a pH level below the neutral 7. They don’t harm our skin just like the kind of acid you’re thinking of. They’re even quite moderate in most skincare products you buy in your local store.

Fruit acids are great ingredients in skincare products that help reduce signs of aging. They act as an exfoliant, improving the tone and texture of your skin. As part of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family, they can remove the top layer of the skin.

Be careful when adding this one in your routine. It’s even better to check with your dermatologist for extra caution. Just like retinoids, you’ll have to gradually apply AHA-based skincare products.

Wash Your Face Regularly

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Taking care of your skin can also mean you have to wash your face daily. Generally, you can wash your face before sleeping and after waking up. It helps you remove buildup oil and dust on your face, especially your makeup. 

However, the frequency of washing your face depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, dermatologists suggest washing once and during the night. 

On the other hand, people with oily or acne-prone skin need to wash twice a day. That is every morning and evening. This also applies to those who regularly wear makeup.

And, obviously, if you exercise daily, you need to cleanse your face with water after exercise.

Furthermore, washing your face is not just splashing it with water. If you want to wash your face the right way, you need to learn more about water temperature. Aside from that, dermatologists recommended skin-care products for washing your face.

Always Use Sunscreen When Going Outside

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Whether you’re going to the beach or hanging out under the sun, never forget to use sunscreen. If you don’t, you can get wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging.

This also applies even when it’s cloudy outside. You’re still exposed to as much as 80% UV radiation since they can pass through clouds. There are still risks even if you use makeup with a sun protection factor (SPF). 

Medical estheticians recommend you use cream with at least 30 SPF. And if you plan to stay longer under the sun, apply a cream with 60 SPF.

Furthermore, wearing clothes that expose some of your skin can cause sunburns. You need to use a different sunscreen or lotion with antioxidants to protect them. 

Add Chocolate to Your Diet

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Who says skincare is all about lotions and moisturizers? It can be sweet, too!

That’s right, dark chocolate aids with regaining that youthful glow you naturally have. Apparently, they are a good source of antioxidants.

Toxic free radicals and excessive UV exposure accelerate skin aging. Additionally, many studies found links of both to skin cancer. It’s a good thing that antioxidants can help you fight these problems. 

So before going to the beach, you can enjoy eating dark chocolate. Doing so will protect you from the sun. However, this doesn’t mean you can boycott your skincare routine for dark chocolate. You still need to check with your dermatologist for medical advice.

Aside from dark choco, you can find antioxidants in colorful foods, such as berries. Coffee also contains a good amount of antioxidants.

Live Healthily

Lastly, if you want to have a timeless skincare routine, you need to live healthily. It doesn’t matter if you use high-end anti-aging skincare products. You’re still going to experience skin problems if you don’t look after your health.

This can mean increasing your water intake and making sure you have enough sleep. It’s true that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep your skin moisturized. Getting 8 hours of sleep is also important for your skin. 

When you’re sleeping, your skin heals itself. Plus, these are the times when your anti-aging skincare products are most effective.

Aside from this, you also need to keep up with your exercise routine. Exercise improves your skin by:

  • Delivering oxygen to your skin cells
  • Boosting your blood flow
  • Nourishing and replenishing how your skin looks
  • Reducing your overall stress

We’ve discussed how stress is an important factor in the aging process. If you’re experiencing stress, your cortisol levels are increasing. Fortunately, an intense workout can help reduce the amount of cortisol you have.


Your skin is also a part of your body that you need to take care of. It helps you maintain beautiful skin. And, at the same time, it reduces the risks of having certain skin problems. You can achieve this with a good skincare routine.

However, taking care of your skin does not only involve applying skincare products. Mostly, it includes healthy habits such as getting 8 hours of sleep and drinking water daily. Having a good exercise routine will also help you achieve timeless beauty.

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