Top 10 Beauty Trends that became mainstream since 2010


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Like Social media became the boss of your daily life, and TikTok became another application that you have to download. Makeup or beauty is such a thing that changed every couple of days in and around the Globe. The Kolkata makeup artists didn’t stay behind following any of the below trends. As, these were not only trends but sensations that made its way into the makeup and beauty industry over the last decade.

Don’t forget to ‘dye’ your hair blue before you ‘die’

People did dye their hair without a fail, but 2010 saw the changing colour patterns. As this saw the beginning of some of the most fancy shades like Blue, pink, yellow blond, orange blond, blood red, darkest brown, violet, purple and also the fancy Grey. Basically it was the decade for rainbow hair Beauty trends! Each part of the world reciprocated in a different manner, while some tried the highlighting shades, while others chose hair extensions.

Bushy Eyebrows are now a thing: Beauty Trends

No it wasn’t the time for thin and highly plucked eyebrows anymore. Instead of that, it was the time for thick, bushy and Hawty eyebrows. Let’s call this call handsome, beautiful and the adjectives needed for a bossy look to have.

Contouring and highlights

The Kolkata makeup artists didn’t miss a chance of getting into the makeup and contouring. The cheeks, chin and forehead being the point of contouring. While the highest points of the face like cheek bone, eyebrow bone, and cupids bow as the points of highlight. Well, you cannot talk less about Kim Kardashian when it is about contouring.

Pouty and big lips: Beauty Trends

Again it was from the Kardashian sisters, that the pouty red lips became a thing. Lip augmentation, and hacks flooded the internet. And, that was just the beginning of some more lips hacks coming up in the following decade.

The ‘no-makeup’ makeup lie: Beauty Trends

The biggest lie, after the Earth is flat has to be about the No-makeup look. Certainly the Kolkata makeup artists cannot talk less about this amazing piece of work. It has the most amount of makeup and contour, that certainly looks like you woke up with a flushed skin.

Beach waves and curls

Remember the time when plating the hair and waking up with nice curls was a thing? Well, beach curls are just the exact thing for that. Here, the hair is nice and crisp with wavy curls and that makes it perfect for any event.

The return of hair accessories: Beauty Trends

Yes, the golden hair clips, tiaras, and hair bands are now a thing again since 2010. But this is not just for children, but also for adults who want to have that hair game to be on point!

Also the famous 7 steps Korean Skincare

The Korean skincare routine was a favorite thing for the Kolkata Makeup Artists, that consisted of seven steps that made it way since 2010. The first step being, face wash, Geel peel scrubbing/Sheet mask, Skin Toning, Facial Serum, Essence, Moisturizer, and also the face SPF.

Acrylic nails and Ombre lips became a thing

Ombre lipstick was a quintessential change in the fashion industry, and also the best time for big acrylic nails. Which brings out the Kylie Jenner long and fancy coffin nails from 2018!

Finally, you have foundation for everyone

Yes girls, we made it somehow and that is how the Kolkata Makeup artists found shades for everyone. Not just the lighter, pale or medium skin tone but also for the darker, ‘chocolatey’ woman out there. It happened to be the year for several colors, probably for everyone. Foundation and concealer shades came for several undertones, like blue, pink, green, orange and also the neutral variant.

Closing Notes: Beauty Trends

So, 2010 was the year when fashion won over the hypocrisy of skin tones and limitations. Hence, it was also the decade of acceptance and love for every new Instagram Beauty trends. The Kolkata Makeup artists saw changing demands and acceptance for their own skin shades. Yes, brides chose to wear their own foundation shades.


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