Top 10 things to do in Dubai: Don’t Miss These Places


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Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, its capital is also known as Dubai. Dubai is probably the best-known region of the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) to those residing in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a modern and fast-growing city, full of high-quality luxury hotels and famous for some well-known tourist attractions.


The following is our rundown of the best 10 activities in Dubai.

Guided tours of Dubai #1

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have extraordinary history, culture, tradition, and folklore. Much of this can easily go unnoticed, as someone loves skyscrapers and modern infrastructure. Therefore, guided tours can be very helpful in better understanding the area and the stories that shaped the course of history. Dubai is a real case of desert destination in a very short period of time and to capture this transformation accurately you need a local guide to show you the region and give you the information and history. Fortunately, Dubai has many options for sightseeing. Excursions, whether on foot, by bus, car rental with driver, boat or seaplane excursions.

Old Dubai and in particular the Al Fahidi district is a hidden gem of the city that preserves its pearl diving history and first residential community. This area is accessible only to pedestrians as no car or vehicle can enter these narrow and winding streets. The Old Dubai and Souk Walking Tour is the perfect way to understand Dubai and its history from a bird’s eye view of what happened from the 1750s to the discovery of oil in the mid-1950s. Stopovers and those who stay in Dubai for a week.

For guests who prefer to explore Dubai in the comfort of air conditioning, Dubai offers a variety of car rental agencies and drivers. These services are very comfortable and popular during the summer months when the heat can be intense, especially between June and August, compared to other means of transport in Dubai. A professional and experienced driver plays an important role in making the visitor’s journey easy, safe and comfortable and reserves the title of safe driver Dubai.

Old Dubai, Al Fahidi Historic District (Al Bastakiya) #2

When you travel to Dubai, you shouldn’t miss seeing what traditional mid-19th century life was like in the historic Al Fahidi district, formerly known as Bastakiya. Located along Dubai Creek, this district is an important heritage site that has preserved much of the original infrastructure.

Conventional breeze towers worked with stone, teak, mortar, palm wood, and sandalwood address just a little piece of Al Fahidi’s set of experiences. Every alley, winding road, and winding tower tells a story of life before the Emirates.

Cross Dubai Creek on an AED 1 Abra (boat) tour #3

The Creek is the notable heart of Dubai, which once separated the city into two regions: Deira and Bur Dubai. Until the construction of Al Maktoum Bridge, Dubai’s first bridge in 1963, the only way to get from one side to the other was in a small, fragile wooden boat called an abra. It is still, without a doubt, the most fun (and affordable) way.

Tour the souks of textiles, spices, and gold on our walking tour #4

Retail therapy in Dubai does not necessarily mean going to one of the (many) large malls. For a more traditional experience, head to one of the many souks that line both sides of Dubai Creek. The Ancient Gold Souk has hundreds of shops offering a selection of jewelry, diamonds, and other precious stones, while the Textile Souk has a wonderful selection of colorful fabrics. Dubai has many attractions to visit and as a resident or tourist, there are different ways to get around the city. You can take the most popular public and private transportation via the Dubai metro and bus. You can also take a taxi and rent a car with a driver. Most business people and tourists prefer the driver because they know that he will be a safe driver that will make their trip comfortable and stress-free.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and fountain #5

The Burj Khalifa has passed many milestones in its quest to become the tallest man-made structure the world has ever seen, standing 160 floors and 555m tall. In just 1325 days of

Uncovering work started in January 2004 and the Burj Khalifa turned into the tallest unattached construction on the planet. Tickets for Burj Khalifa can be purchased online, inside the Dubai Mall, or at the entrance to Burj Khalifa. You can take in the view from the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, or go up to the 148th floor and take in the city view. The Burj Khalifa in central Dubai is also home to the world’s tallest restaurant, At Mo Sphere. The Dubai Mall incorporates the a-list Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with huge number of sea-going creatures and a 270-degree burrow. The aquarium houses the largest acrylic panel in the world, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Desert Safari Dubai
Desert Safari

There are around 40 exhibits that house creatures such as piranhas, penguins, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, otters, and eels. You can take a glass-bottom boat ride to see over 33,000 aquatic animals, and you can also snorkel in the shark cage!

Experience a desert safari #6

Desert Safari offers the opportunity to drive over the dunes and participate in a variety of traditional desert activities. The Desert Safari is a must-see if you are in Dubai for dune rides, camel rides, sandboarding, henna, shisha, and a few hours of unlimited fun in the desert. There are several safari companies that also allow you to camp overnight in the desert. Camel Rides are a very convenient ride through the Dubai Desert. Most desert safaris include a short drive, but you can certainly take a tour with a longer travel time. Meals are included on most safaris and offer a taste of traditional local cuisine.

Beach of the Sea #7

The Sea is undoubtedly one of the most famous places in Dubai. La Mer Dubai is a beach destination offering entertainment, shopping, and entertainment to residents of Dubai. This property was developed by Meraas and covers over 1.24 million square meters of space. They even set up an underground car park. At La Mer, you will appreciate the street art, paintings, and design which invite you to a pleasant stroll. La Mer is also a cinema and a water park!

Snack at Burj Al Arab #8

The Burj Al Arab is one of the best iconic hotels in the world. You can truly live life like royalty by booking a stay at the Burj Al Arab. The hotel opened in 1999 and has a distinctive sail-shaped silhouette. The hotel marks Dubai as a luxury tourist destination.

It’s built on an artificial island and rises 321 meters above sea level, offering excellent sea views. Golden interiors, upscale restaurants, great snacks, and your own helipad, which hosted Roger Federer and Tiger Woods!

Discover the Middle East Art Center on avenue Alserkal #9

Dubai has its own thriving arts scene in the city. Alserkal Avenue in the Al Quoz district is home to world-famous art galleries, government offices, a jewelry store, and a chocolate factory. The Dubai by Foot Art Jewelry and Chocolate Tour is the perfect way to explore this neighborhood.

Enjoy a traditional Emirati meal at the Arabian Tea House #10

One of Bastakiya’s heritage houses has been turned into a restaurant: the Arabian Tea House Restaurant. The restaurant is packed with customers from 7 am for traditional Emirati breakfasts like Balaleet with coffee and dates until 10 pm for dishes like Majboos and Crispy Luqaimat.

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