Top 7 Fictional Disease From Story Books


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There are so many scary and horror stories in the world. Some introduce us to zombies, some introduce us to the deadliest viruses such as the bloodfire.

Today we’ll learn about some interesting stories which are containing some deadly diseases or viruses which can be fatal for human beings.

The writer of different stories created some diseases and viruses which can be dangerous and fatal. Although they are not present in real life, when we read the stories and feel them, we can get scared.

The Bloodfire

It’s one of the deadliest viruses first recognized in the comic book named the “Blood Nation”. 

This virus is spread from the wolf and the first infected person was the Genghis khan(fictional). The consequence of this virus is, the infected person becomes a vampire. He becomes extremely photosensitive and cannot tolerate the light. After being infected by blood fire the person becomes invincible and cannot feel any pain.

This virus infected all the countries mentioned in the comic book. This extremely dangerous virus needed to be stopped.

The Brainpox Cobra

It’s a genetically modified recombinant virus, first recognized in the novel “The Cobra Event” by Richard Preston.

In this book, the United States is under bioterrorism attack. Some bad people used rhinovirus, smallpox, and nuclear polyhedrosis virus to create a new dangerous virus. The bad scientist named this virus the cobra or the brainbox cobra.

Whoever is infected by this virus becomes aggressive, suffers from high fever, chills, running nose, and eventually become dead after some time.

Some bad people created this virus to start a war and eliminate mankind. It’s one of the scariest fictional viruses.

The Hanahaki Disease

Hanahaki disease was first recognized in a Japanese manga named “Hanahaki Otome”.

We can call it a love disease. When a boy loves a girl unconditionally and gets nothing in return then this disease appears.

In this disease, the lover boy’s lung becomes full of flowers. Eventually, he spits one or two petals of flowers and at the last stage of the disease, the boy vomits full flower.

If this disease is not treated then the boy can die.

The Grey Brittle Death

This deadliest disease was first recognized in the short story “The Colour Out of Space” by H.P. Lovecraft. This disease came into the world by an alien entity. This disease can affect plants, animals, mammals, and almost every living thing.

The plant which is affected by this infection becomes abnormally large. The fruits become a tasteless and different shapes. The leaves become twisted and unusual shapes that shine in the dark. In the end, the plant becomes bloated and twisted and finally becomes grey dust.

The birds affected by this infection cannot fly anymore. Slowly gets shrunk and finally ends in grey dust.

The mammals and other domestic animals are infected by this deadly infection and become tasteless. Finally, they all become grey dust.

The human can also be affected by this become grey dust. Some survivors explained it like a vacuum, sucking the lives out.

The Dx

The Dx is recognized from the novel “The Lost World” by Michael Crichton, this novel is the sequel of the novel “Jurrasic Park”.

This is a genetically modified protein that is created in the lab by a scientist and named Dx. This was pushed into a sheep, the sheep become a dinosaur. But somehow the bred dinosaurs become infected and they were dying from this in early adulthood.

Eventually, all the living dinosaur species got affected by this and died because of it. This is how the world of dinosaurs ended.


The Inferno Virus

This virus was first recognized from the best-selling novel “The Inferno” by Dan Brown. This book is a sequel to the great book “Da Vinci Code”.

This is a waterborne virus created by some bad man to finish mankind. They created the virus for infecting all mankind. This virus will destroy the fertility of the individuals. Only one-third of the population can survive this.

But the process becomes wrong as this virus becomes water to airborne and can destroy the fertility of all mankind.

The Pulse

This virus incubates inside the mobile phone and is first recognized in the novel “The Cell’ by Stephen King.

A terrorist group induced this virus into a mobile phone. It creates high-frequency signals and damages the person’s brain cells. The affected victim cannot recognize anyone.

This virus can be transmitted by phone call. The infected person also cannot recognize another infected person. The infected victims start killing each other after some time because of the signal-induced brain damage and frustration.

The Summary

We’ve learned about the top 7 scary diseases from books, they are quite dangerous and can be fatal. But we all know that they are fictional diseases and do not exist in the real world.

If you are interested in these diseases and stories, read those books and enjoy yourself.


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