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Fashion Movies: If you are a fashion enthusiast, there is a probability that you have already watched this film. But, if you are in a fashion block or cannot study enough for your fashion diploma finals, you can always count on these movies to give you that extra push of enthusiasm.

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1. Devil Wears Prada

I mean, who wouldn’t want to work for a magazine like Runway? It is still like the non-fiction equivalent of Vogue or Harper Bazaar. Adapted from the book by Lauren Weisberger by the same name, ‘Devil Wears Prada’ became a sensation for every fashionista when it was released.

The story is the point of view of a journalism student who just recently graduated from Northwestern University and managed to get a job at the most sensational fashion magazine in NYC ‘Runway.’ According to this chief editor Miranda Priestly (the devil and the god of fashion in the movie), Andi or Andrea got a job that most women would kill for.

The movie shows us three main fashion perspectives. Andy is a fish out of the water, which finds her style in the glamorous world of fashion. Miranda, who runs the world with her Machiavelli nature, and Emily, the ever-known yes man who would live and die for fashion. Now, it is up to you which one you would choose as your career path.  

2. Sex & The City

No matter the controversial opinions on the movie and how they should have put an end to it with the series, you cannot deny that the fashion here is immaculate. Plus, this movie is not just about our ever-known fashionista cum writer Carrie Bradshaw who gave us all the fashion inspiration, but the other girls also went hand in hand.

I mean, Carrie did put a bird on her head to complete her wedding look in the first movie, but all the glamorous bridesmaid dresses were to die for. The black feather flared, long-tail mermaid gown of Charlotte made her look like a real black swan.

We cannot miss out on the Abu Dhabi holiday looks that the girls gave us. Do you need extravagant fashion inspiration? This is the movie you go to.

3. House Of Gucci

This movie doesn’t need much explanation; the name says it all. Apart from pop star cum now actress Lady Gaga’s phenomenal performance as Patrizia Reggiani, the costume for the movie was designed by Oscar winner Janty Yates whose work would inspire every novice fashion stylist or student with the hopes that one day they might design such a big production.

Fashion Movies

From the very start of the movie, the ‘house of Gucci’ is everything any fashion lover is looking for. From the Gina Lollobrigida-inspired and custom-designed red dress to the elegant white lace fitting in the Lake Como scene. This movie will never fall short of costume inspiration which will be out of the box and equally fitting a classy fashion taste.

The fashion inspiration from the 60s played an important role in the costume design of ‘House Of Gucci.’

4. Breakfasts At Tiffneys

Lastly, we cannot end a fashion movies without adding the fashion icon of the last century, Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn really changed the ways girls looked at elegant fashion.

Again if you are a fashion lover, you should already know about ‘Breakfast At Tiffany,’ but is it really a movie you can just watch once? The black dress embellished with pearls and a breakfast sandwich with coffee look is still known to be the most iconic look in fashion history. We are sure it is the first look you think about recreating when thinking about Audrey Hepburn.

Holly Golightly, a carefree woman who lived in New York, lived for fun and fashion. Taking each day at a time, she was often seen at parties and events, catching the eye of every gentleman there. The movie’s collaboration with Givenchy not only skyrocketed Hepburn’s career but also made Givenchy a household name in luxury fashion. 

Get The Popcorn Ready!

It’s okay to just relax and cuddle up comfortably to watch your favorite fashion movies. Plus, the vicarious lessons are great to inspire you to do better in your fashion venture.

So, if you are in need of a little fashion inspiration, stream one of these fashion movies now. With the diversity of fashion choices, and studying characters with different fashion needs, you will get out of that fashion block right away.

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