The after-effects of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic of 2020 are still being felt across businesses and industries across the length and breadth of the country, and the repercussions of the pandemic are surely not going to end any time in the near future.

One of the biggest changes that came about as a result of Covid-19 is that substantially more companies have adapted their employees’ job roles so that they now work predominantly from home.

If this is you, or moreover, you are simply interested in updating your home office and study, continue reading to discover the top ways to make working from home both productive and wholly conducive to a work/life balance.

Indoor Plants

There are a wide plethora of advantages to the introduction of real, indoor plants, shrubs, and foliage into your home office or study space.

The benefits to working in a room with some living and breathing indoor plants include, but are categorically not limited to:

  • Indoor plants reduce levels of anxiety and stress
  • Indoor plants have been scientifically proven to improve concentration and focus
  • Tending to indoor plants provides a sense of accomplishment and pride
  • The presence of indoor plants naturally improves the quality of the air in the room

Working surrounded by even a slight hint of nature and the outdoors will also significantly increase your productivity and efficiency levels of working.

Breakout Space

If your home office or study is spacious enough, consider having a corner of the room dedicated to breaks; if you were still working in the physical office, you would have lunch breaks and coffee breaks away from the desk, and it is vital that you still uphold this structure.

Invest in an aesthetically stunning, incredibly comfortable, and affordable alternative lovesac bigone, add a small coffee table, and even place one of your new indoor plants on top of the table to create the ultimate breakout space within your home office.

Candles, Wax Melts, and Reed Diffusers

Again, as a direct result of the pandemic, even though they were experiencing somewhat of a surge in popularity before, candles, reed diffusers, and wax melts are now one of the most popular items people buy, either for themselves or as a gift for a close friend, family member, or loved one.

There is a multitude of advantages in adding some beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and gorgeous smelling candles to your home office, which include:

  • Candles and wax melts will significantly enhance and enrich the atmosphere of your office
  • Candles and wax melts can make you feel calm, which will be particularly useful after a frustrating and stressful Zoom call or Microsoft Teams meeting
  • Candles and wax melts can become part of your workday morning ritual as a way of setting yourself up for the working day ahead
  • Candles and wax melts will make you feel homely while focusing on work


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