Trends for the smartphone: how practical are these accessories really?


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For most Germans, the smartphone is a daily companion. We no longer just use the small pocket computer to communicate with friends, we use it to go online, go shopping and spend our free time on social networks or playing games. The smartphone is almost always within easy reach and is picked up several times an hour. That is why it naturally makes sense to design your smartphone the way you like it best. Some trends for mobile devices are particularly practical and are intended to make them easier to use, others just try to make smartphones a little prettier. We look at which accessories are really cool and what you can save more!

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The ring holder for the smartphone

Most of us have seen it before: the ring for smartphones. This is attached to the back of the device with an adhesive surface and can now be rotated and turned in different directions. If you hold your smartphone in your hand, you can slide your index or middle finger through the ring and thus have a better grip. The real advantage only becomes apparent when the device is used as a small screen and is placed on a smooth surface. Instead of leaning the smartphone somewhere where it usually falls over after a while, you can simply use the ring like a stand and stabilize the screen with it. The ring holder is particularly popular with those who z. B. Watch series and films on your mobile phone using the Netflix app. But app gamers also see a real advantage in this, because when the device no longer has to be held in the hand, more fingers are available to take control. The selection of mobile games is constantly increasing and in addition to the typical casual games, the app stores are filling up with a wide variety of genres. Online hits likeLeague of Legends, Call of Duty and Fortnite have already appeared as mobile versions, and you can try out slots and classic card games in mobile casinos . The ring holder really comes in handy!

The cover with the mobile phone chain

Due to larger displays, many smartphones no longer fit in your pocket or even in small clutch bagsit can get tight for the mobile device. This is why more and more smartphone users are deciding not to plug in their mobile phones at all. Instead, they use so-called cell phone chains that can be attached to matching covers. The chain is about as long as the strap of a handbag and can therefore simply hang on the shoulder or pulled over the neck. The chains are made of a relatively thick material, which means that they do not tear easily and offer more security. However, this has the disadvantage that the mobile device, including the cover and chain, becomes significantly larger. So if you want to put it in a pocket, you need a lot more space. The mobile phone chain is a real lifehack, especially when traveling, as you need fewer manipulations to take photos. Of course, you should be particularly careful when doing this, because if you have your smartphone hanging visibly on the side, it can be stolen much more easily. Anyone who marches across a busy square should therefore always hold their most valuable asset in hand.

Skins for a chic look

Since you always have your smartphone in your hand, it is no wonder that many users want to adapt their device to their own style. There are now a few websites that can help out with suitable skins: For example, with Slickwraps you can find the right design for almost every device currently available. Many smartphone owners do without classic covers because they are too big and bulky for them. However, skins are not cases that offer strong protection, but mainly improve the look of the device. This is a thin layer that does not change the size of the smartphone or make the device heavier. These can simply be stuck on and fits like a second “skin”. Since the foils are slightly thicker than typical stickers and do not bend when peeled from the adhesive strip, air bubbles rarely occur and the surface remains smooth. With this accessory you can change the color and pattern of your own smartphone without using a thick cover. However, this means that the device is much less protected from breakage.

Every year new trends for the smartphone come onto the market. While some of these are really cool, others are fine to go without. We are particularly enthusiastic about the ring holder, because it has numerous purposes and improves the use all around.

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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