Trends in the Plumbing Industry and Market Forecast in 2022


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After the last two years, the whole world, including the plumbing business, is sitting around waiting to return to normal. This past year brought us some normalcy with the resumption of in-person meetings and activities; but, with the recent increase of COVID-19 cases, as well as the ongoing supply chain challenges and growing material costs, normalcy may be a little further away than we expect. Nonetheless, specialists in the PHVAC business are cautiously enthusiastic about fresh chances in 2022.

If you work in the plumbing sector, you are probably unconcerned about technical advances in your field. But, just as technology has altered everything in our lives, it has also affected your company.

As a piping business owner, it is critical to remain on top of current trends and ensure that your company is always changing to suit the demands of the market. Here are a few things you should take to future-proof your contracting business:

Using Technology to Handle Plumbing Contracts Effectively

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Running your plumbing business will become increasingly difficult as you recruit additional subcontractors, organize several projects, and respond to client inquiries. However, if you adapt and move to plumbing software, technology may be your rescuer.

Plumbing software that is well-designed can allow you work in real-time with your managers, even if they are not all on-site at the same time, and keep a record of what others are doing.

Plumbing projects may be readily scheduled, dispatched, and assigned to team members, and their time spent on the project can be simply tracked.

Increase Your Internet Visibility.

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Consider this: if someone is looking for a business, even a contractor, they will check for information online. Word-of-mouth advertising is also effective, although most individuals seek for any business they wish to employ online.

Paid digital marketing may not be necessary when you’re just starting, but it’s critical to have a website with proper SEO and keywords so that you appear in search engine results when people are searching for plumbers in your region.

A prominent social media presence and connecting with individuals in plumbing-related organizations are other excellent strategies to catch an audience’s interest and to increase the website clicks.

Provide Clients With Simple Online Payment Alternatives.

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Your customers no longer want to pay with cash. The majority of them would prefer the ease of digital payments. Installing plumbing software will also allow you to generate customised digital bills for clients and accept digital payments.

Because everything is now available online, you’ll be able to maintain a lot more structured track of your finances.

Eco-Friendly Technology

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While smart technology has numerous advantages, the overall cost of replacing a plumbing system that is entirely powered by smart technology is still high. Green technology is also a part of the plumbing future.

Others, on the other hand, use gray water systems. Irrigate from bathtubs, tubs, and showers is recycled and used to water plants.

Rainwater collection systems are another type of green plumbing technology. Rainwater collection systems use big barrels to collect water. The barrels may be connected to hoses and pipes that can be used for washing or gardening.

One of the most prominent plumbing trends in green technology. This technique is gaining popularity as a way to conserve money and use water more effectively.

Smart Plumbing Fittings Are Becoming Increasingly Popular.

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Simple flush toilets are no longer sufficient. With Generations X and Y increasingly purchasing houses and Generation Z close behind, today’s youthful customers have higher expectations for the products they purchase than prior generations.

They are no longer satisfied with standard water heaters and plumbing fixtures and are looking for innovative technologies such as Bluetooth showerheads, sensors to detect leaky pipes, smart water heaters, and touchless digital faucets that restrict water flow.

Smart toilets that save water or come with heated seats and night lights are also available in the plumbing industry. Touchless plumbing fittings, which were previously primarily seen in business settings, are becoming more popular in residential settings since they last longer and assist to conserve water.

Online Reviews.

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Your company’s reputation is critical, and online customer evaluations are becoming as vital as word-of-mouth recommendations from customers.

You may invite delighted clients to submit positive reviews on your website, and if you do receive a poor comment, you should answer as tactfully as possible.


Plumbing’s future will be defined by sustainability, technology, and accessibility. The main trends discussed above might assist you in creating an effective and comfortable plumbing system.

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