The Dos And Don’t’s When Involved In A Truck Accident


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Truck accidents can be particularly devastating. When a truck collides with a passenger car, a bicycle, or a pedestrian, the other party is severely hurt, while the truck driver almost always experiences no severe damage. This is due to the sheer weight and size of the vehicle against the smaller ones. 

When you go out to pick some groceries or drop your kid at school, you never think you are going to crash into a truck. However, road accidents happen every day, and they occur when you least expect them. It is better to prepare yourself for the worse by learning a few Dos and Don’ts. If you have already endured an accident, contact a Newport beach truck accident attorney immediately.

Driving is a part of everyday life. Whether you need to pick groceries, go to work, pick your kids from school or go to a party, you need your vehicle for several reasons throughout the day. No matter how experienced you may be at driving, one can never expect the damage that unforeseen road hazards can cause. 

The most dangerous thing about road hazards is that sometimes it is not possible to be prepared for them. They can pop up unexpectedly and injure you. The only things that can protect you here are vigilance and knowing what to avoid. 

Truck Accident - The Dos And Don't’s When Involved In A Truck Accident

The dos and dont’s after a truck accident 


  1. Do get emergency medical care. 

Accidents involving large trucks are never a small issue. They can leave you injuries that can leave a permanent impact on your health and life. You may no longer be able to do things you did before or attend your job. 

You may be required to go through expensive medical care and a lengthy recovery period. Therefore, seeking medical care is the first thing you should do after a Newport beach truck accident to make sure you can start your treatment as soon as possible. 

  1. Do gather information about the accident. 

If your health allows you to do so, try gathering as much information from the accident scene as you can. Take lots of photos of the scene, the road, the weather, streets, and witnesses. Talk to the other party and exchange information with them so your attorney can contact them later. You may also try talking to witnesses to find credible ones. 


  1. Do not apologize. 

Even if you think the accident was your fault, do not apologize or say something that can be interpreted or twisted as an apologetic sentence. Your judgment may be impaired after an accident due to various hormones released in your body. 

Moreover, you never know what the other party was doing at the time of the accident. Even if you had done something that contributed to the accident, without an investigation, you could never know whether the other party has shared fault or not. 

  1. Do not drive away. 

You think the accident is not your fault, so you drive away. However, that can cost you thousands of dollars in court, and the other party could possibly file a case of hit and run. No matter how minor the accident may be, the drivers involved in a road accident are required to share information before they drive away. 

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