Trump amassed four victories within a single day. That results in disorder for all others.

Anjali Jain

Thursday was a day of “good news” for the former president, who has spent years unjustly labeling himself a victim of a Democratic conspiracy to prevent him from being elected president. It appeared to be the first day in weeks of such developments.
The case presented by his counsel before the United States Supreme Court left him content. Another primary election was won by him. Apparently, a federal judge supervising the case involving his classified documents is disregarding prosecutors’ concerns regarding his harassment campaign. Furthermore, the former president received sufficient validation from the US Department of Justice under President Joe Biden to sustain the “sleepy Joe” narrative until the day of the election.
Mr. Trump dismisses thousands of pages of evidence against him while telling his supporters he is the victim of a “two-tiered system of justice” and a “weaponized” Justice Department, even when his opponents receive the same treatment. He will cling to the results of elections he has won and label any defeat “rigged” against him. His own counsel addressed the nation’s highest court, labeling “criminal” a violent assault that threatened to throw millions of American ballots, and not a single justice averted their gaze.

When viewed from an alternative perspective, a deluge of news on a “good” day for the probable Republican presidential nominee, who is capitalizing on his autocratic campaign based on “retribution,” is a major red flag for our deteriorating democracy, where institutions are either too sluggish or unprepared to react.
Justices of the Supreme Court, including the three he appointed, appeared prepared to deny a Colorado decision that disqualified Mr. Trump from public office under the “insurrection” clause of the 14th Amendment.
The justices lacked the desire to establish a practical definition of “insurrection” or to determine whether the mere act of “engaging” in one should result in his removal from office. The entirety of that inquiry, which is fundamental to the case at hand and an otherwise uncomplicated provision in the Constitution prohibiting individuals from attempting to overturn it from serving in government, was largely dismissed without even the court’s chief justice debating its meaning.
The actions of Mr. Trump on January 6, 2021, in which a mob of his supporters invaded the corridors of Congress and halted the certification of 2020 election results after believing his election lies, were deemed “overt, voluntary, and direct participation in the insurrection” by Colorado courts.
The attorney for Mr. Trump informed the Supreme Court that the incident was nothing more than a “riot,” even a “criminal” one. He stated, however, that if it constituted “insurrection,” removal by Congress is possible only after he has been elected. A vote would then be cast by the same body that is currently introducing a resolution asserting that the former president “did not engage in insurrection” and is therefore under the control of that party.
Justice John Roberts, devoid of any irony, pondered aloud how an election could “come down to a handful of states that will determine the presidential election” in reference to hypothetically chaotic complications that could arise if a candidate who “engaged” in insurrection were disqualified. Such matters occupied a greater portion of the justices’ time.
He replied, “What if Republicans conclude that a Democratic candidate participated in an activity they would classify as an uprising?” He disregarded the Colorado attorney’s argument that “frivolous” efforts to invoke the 14th Amendment should not be treated the same as the one at hand, which occurred in close proximity to them a few years ago.
The special counsel for the Justice Department, which was conducting an investigation into the president’s mismanagement of classified documents, released its report just hours after the Supreme Court hearing.
Notably, the report cast doubt on the mental fitness of Mr. Biden, contributing to right-wing assaults that Mr. Trump has manipulated to benefit his base. The investigation’s findings, which did not result in any criminal charges, provided the former president with substantial support for his campaign, which has amassed tens of millions of dollars through a narrative of political persecution that he threatens to affect his supporters as well.
In his report, special counsel Robert Hur accurately noted that the president’s behavior in the Mar-a-Lago case was notably dissimilar to that of the former president. This distinction was conspicuously overlooked in the media hysteria, which Republicans are anxious to exploit for malicious attacks. Although prosecutors are expected to refrain from engaging in partisan politics, those who are now enhancing Mr. Hur’s report into a lethal weapon are to blame for the destruction of democracy in preparation for Mr. Trump’s return.
On the same evening, special counsel Jack Smith, who is overseeing the two federal investigations into the former president, criticized a federal judge who has disregarded numerous warnings that Mr. Trump is intimidating and threatening witnesses and others in his path with his indictments.
His order that prosecutors submit documents in the Mar-a-Lago case without redacting witness names and other information that could pose “significant and immediate risks of threats, intimidation, and harassment” was criticized by US District Judge Aileen Cannon.
Mr. Smith has issued recurrent advisories to judges regarding an issue that his staff has previously characterized as “part of an enduring pattern that spans years and involves the intimidation, threats, and harassment of individuals who are publicly targeted.”
Attorneys for the Justice Department wrote last year that Mr. Trump “seeks to exploit this well-known dynamic” and that “it has continued unabated as this case and other unrelated cases involving the defendant have advanced.”
In the interim, Mr. Trump also won the Nevada caucuses on Thursday night, a result that was virtually assured after Republicans in the state essentially organized a separate contest in his favor. Notwithstanding this, he celebrated.
Probably, the remainder of 2024 will proceed at this rate: a sweltering barrage of “flood the zone” pandemonium designed to prove Mr. Trump “right” at the expense of all others.
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