Trump Declares the Ukraine War Must Cease Despite America’s Aid Advances

Anjali Jain
Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina, on Feb. 10.

Donald Trump stated that the war initiated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 must come to an end and reaffirmed his opposition to further overseas aid as the Senate considers a package to provide Ukraine and Israel with emergency funding.
At a campaign rally on Saturday in Conway, South Carolina, Trump, the Republican front-runner for the 2024 presidential nomination, stated, “We must settle that war, and I will do so.”
He attempted to imply that the United States might lose “hundreds of billions of dollars” if Ukraine reached an agreement with Russia, which invaded the country two years ago, and “all of a sudden they no longer want to do business with us.” He referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy as “the greatest salesman in history.”

The potential reestablishment of Trump as president is a progressively influential element in Ukraine’s endeavours to reclaim territory occupied by Russia. The southeast counteroffensive of Kyiv in 2023 was largely unsuccessful, Zelenskiy’s relationship with his highest-ranking military officer deteriorated, and Congress has stalled the delivery of additional US military aid. This month, Zelenskiy stated, “I just want to believe and hope” that political changes in the United States will not result in the cessation of assistance to Ukraine.
Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the White House, refuted Trump’s claim in his speech that he encouraged Russia to invade non-paying members of the alliance during his presidency, as he had informed NATO members.
Bates said in a statement, “Encouraging invasions of our closest allies by murderous regimes is abhorrent and irrational; it endangers the national security of the United States, global stability, and our domestic economy.”
Trump brought up Ukraine momentarily as he pursued his campaign objective of defeating his final significant Republican opponent, Nikki Haley, on her home soil during the February 24 Republican primary in South Carolina. It was his first visit to the state since January, when he won the New Hampshire primary election.
According to the RealClearPolitics average of state GOP polls, Trump leads Haley by 31 percentage points in South Carolina, where he is in a commanding lead.
In a recent Financial Times survey, Trump also leads incumbent Joe Biden in terms of who would be a more prudent steward of the US economy.
In recent weeks, Trump has effectively strengthened his influence within the Republican Party by exerting pressure on lawmakers to withdraw from a bipartisan border agreement, dismissing the Republican National Committee chairman in favor of a personally selected successor, and cautioning donors to rally behind him.

As he approaches the nomination with victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, and the Nevada caucus this week, Haley has been under pressure from Trump and his allies to withdraw from the contest. Haley intends to remain in the race through South Carolina and Super Tuesday next month, when more than a dozen states vote, according to her advisers.
Haley is placing significant emphasis on delivering a triumphant performance in the state of her birth and former governorship for two terms. Despite having prominent Wall Street executives on his side, the former US ambassador to the United Nations has been unable to convert that support into a victory in the Republican nomination. During the past few weeks, she has embarked on an intensive fundraising campaign that has taken her to California, Florida, and New York in an effort to secure the financial support required to remain in the Republican primary.
The rhetoric between Haley and Trump has intensified, with the former president speculating as to why his former ambassador remains in the race. Thursday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Trump told reporters that Haley’s decision to remain in the race “harms the party and, in a sense, the nation.”
On Saturday, Trump made fun of Haley’s marriage by inquiring about the whereabouts of her spouse. Haley replied that her spouse, Michael Haley, is currently deployed and serving in the military in a post on X.
Haley stated on X, “Consider that an individual who consistently disregards the sacrifices made by military families has no business being commander in chief.”
In 2020, the former president was inundated with criticism following an article from The Atlantic magazine which claimed he made derogatory remarks about deceased United States military personnel, including the late Senator John McCain.
Haley has additionally cast doubt on Trump’s mental acuity in light of his recent gaffes, which include remarks in which he erroneously compared her to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and has emphasized that his numerous legal disputes are becoming an increasing diversion.

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