Trump threatens Biden-administration officials with “criminal penalties” if they fail to enforce immigration law

Anjali Jain
Former president and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters as makes a visit to a polling station on election day in the New Hampshire presidential primary in Londonderry, N.H., January 23, 2024.

Former President Donald Trump delivered a discourse on Friday evening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, wherein he castigated the present administration’s position regarding gun rights, urged Biden administration officials to face criminal charges for disregarding the border, and made light of the president’s advanced age. Furthermore, Trump disregarded his own legal proceedings, attributing them to deliberate political prosecution.
At the Great American Outdoor Show hosted by the National Rifle Association in Harrisburg, Trump addressed a sizable and animated audience. Subsequent to avoking Biden’s restrictions on gun owners and manufacturers, the former president transitioned his discourse to the immigration crisis.
Trump stated, “In order for the Senate to pass a genuine border bill, senior Biden officials who refuse to enforce the existing law should face criminal penalties.”

Soon after the House narrowly failed to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” and “breach of public trust” by an extremely narrow margin, he made this remark.
Since its inception, the Biden administration has authorized an unprecedented influx of unauthorized immigrants into the United States. The agency reported that Border Patrol agents encountered over 300,000 immigrants at the southern border in December, an increase of nearly 50,000 since December of the previous year. In total, agents interacted with an unprecedented 2.4 million migrants during the previous year.
Biden asserts that his “memory is fine” and was not indicted for mishandling documents.

As Congress continues to deliberate on the fragmented border measure, which Senate Republicans severed earlier this week, tensions remain elevated in the nation’s capital regarding the border.
The current version of the measure grants the president the power to deport unauthorized individuals when the average number of illegal border crossings per day for seven consecutive days exceeds 4,000. Furthermore, it requires the president to exercise this authority when there are 5,000 illegal crossings per day, or 8,500 on a single day. Nevertheless, current legislation grants the president the authority to halt any and all unauthorized border crossings; therefore, the proposed legislation would essentially legislate executive leniency.
In his address at the NRA venue, Trump criticized the administration’s carelessness and the shattered border agreement, stating, “They have no intention of taking action; a measure is unnecessary! It is within the president’s authority to declare “close the borders!” The measure is a fabrication. The Democrats are requesting this measure, which is not only ludicrous but also dreadful; in fact, it will make the situation worse. However, I insist that you do not require a receipt.”
To the applause of the audience, Trump then emphasized his strong stance on unauthorized immigration.
Trump further alluded to Biden’s subpar performance during a press conference on Thursday evening, during which the president’s advanced age was conspicuously manifested. A special counsel report issued on February 5th criticized the president, concluding that his memory was inadequate to withstand legal proceedings regarding the mismanagement of classified documents. Biden lacked recollection of his tenure as vice president and the passing of his son Beau, “even within the past several years.”
The double standard was denounced by Trump, who is presently facing legal charges for mishandling classified documents, characterizing it as a “two-tiered system of justice.”
“That is their prerogative to ensure that Biden is not charged,” he stated. “I should not be charged, but that is their decision if they choose not to charge him.” Trump characterized his ongoing trial as “simply a biased prosecution of myself, Biden’s opponent.”
Regarding the identity of the individual responsible for his prosecution, Trump stated, “I am uncertain as to whether it is Biden, as I doubt he is aware that he is still alive.”
Notwithstanding his defeat in Pennsylvania in 2022, Trump articulated his conviction that he would secure the state’s support in 2024.
“Sir, you are currently more popular in this state than in Pennsylvania; you’re going to blow Pennsylvania away,” stated a few of the employees. “That is precisely what I anticipate will transpire.”
Amidst an enthusiastic Pennsylvania audience, the former president spoke for approximately an hour and a half.

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