Yes, by now almost everyone, when they read the word Twilight, will have haunted the vampire saga of the same name somewhere in their head. But Twilight is still simply called Twilight and can therefore also be used in a completely vampire-free context. Or not? but it is different Twilight Woods is all about shower gel.

In any case, Summit Entertainment is convinced of the latter, as they market everything to do with the Twilight saga that is not in the trees with three. Fans can stock up on devotional items from top to bottom and for all walks of life.

Other companies are now also feeling the effects of this. Bath & Body Works launched a line of shower gels they named “Twilight Woods”. The lawyers from Summit Entertainment were already on the mat. The name and design were stolen from the vampire saga.

Bath & Body Works then filed a counterclaim, emphasizing that the term “Twilight” only meant a time of day when the sun sets and the landscape lights up. Until now there was still no agreement. Let’s see what comes out, because the verdict could of course also affect other products and names.

Will the word “Twilight” be taboo in any context other than Edward and Bella? On the other hand, since the hype, money can also be made with the name. Oh man…


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