Type C Charger : Bi-directional Power And Data Transmission


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For the past few years, every time a company announced a new product, it came along with its proprietary cable to charge and sync the device. As a result we have many cables available in the market . I am going to discuss about Type C Charger, C Type Charger, Type C Cable, Type C OTG, C Type OTG, Type C Earphones, USB Type C, C Type Cable, Type C to 3.5mm, USB Type C Cable, Type C Connector, Type c USB  Cable, Type C to Micro USB| USB Type-C | Type C Adapter

There has been some unification of these cables like the micro USB for Android phones and lightning for iOS devices. But it’s still frustrating to carry around a lot of cables when you’re carrying a wide variety of devices. like a laptop or tablet, phone or iPhone so, late years Apple announced a new MacBook with a USB type C port and that’s the one report on the Mac.


#1 reason: One cable can be used with any device. Everyone wants a single cable, which can be used to charge your phone or connect a projector and to charge your laptop.

This cable can be universal, and you’ll be able to find it anywhere. In the coming future, more devices have been adapting to this technology including the lower end also. The Cables are more loveliness also.

#2 reason: USB type C is futuristic because it has a faster data transfer rate. If you compare from Thunderbolt 2, which has 20 GBPS then you find USB type C supports up to 40 GBPS.


It’s really fast and it makes a lot of sense to use this over other technologies. USB type C supports a faster rate of charging in fact, it’s faster than the fast charge is used in fourth.

These days, it supports charging at up to 65 Watt which is a total capacity of 100 Watt. This is insane, really fast and you don’t need to carry a bulky AC adapter to charge your laptop anymore.



The next reason why USB type C is awesome is that the cable is reversible, you can use it on both sides. which is something IOS devices for a while frustrating with. If you look it back where the micro USB devices were charging over the night, now with the USB type C it just matters of few mins.

One-stop Solution:


The final reason why USB type C is great is that it supports a lot of protocols at the same time the biggest reason, we’ve not had universal cables like USB type C in the past is that each cable supports one or two protocols at the Max but, usually type C supports a lot of protocols at the same time like Thunderbolt USB and display port and stuff Like that, so these are the reasons behind the USB type C is the future of cables.

Type C Charger

USB Type C is a smaller and more reversible USB connector capable of transmitting data, video , sound and data (USB 3.1) and supplying loading power for several devices (USB power or PD).

The days are gone when the buying of a new laptop/mobile charger was complicated and costly. The introduction of USB-C charging has made it easy to get replacements and more affordable than ever before. But it’s also not quite as easy to get the right adapter as looking for an adapter with Power Delivery support. While a 30W adapter can charge some laptops, others require considerably more power. Type C Charger is gaining is popularity and its easily available now.


Some of the most advanced USB Type C mobile chargers are listed here:

The latest connector to make its way to mobile phones and laptops is USB Form C. The new Type C connector can be turned on either side to make it easy to attach your phone to the charger. Some phones can be charged easily with this connector.

Features and compatibilities of USB-C adapters

List of best C Type Charger for mobile in India

List of best C Type Charger for mobile in countries other than India

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If the red battery of your phone has ever scrambled out of the door, you know it’s precious electricity, and as soon as you can the better. Anker’s PowerPort III Nano and the Minima 18W PD Charger (PA-Y18) from Aukey have the best alternative to quickly charge a phone: compact and cheap and up to 50 percent in half an hour, they can have a completely drained phone battery

If your iPhone 8 or later is available, you must purchase a Type C Charger Lightning cable to benefit from the faster charging provided by the USB–C port. If you already have a USB C–to–Lightning cable, you won’t have to purchase something more to easily charge our USB-C pickups (the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are equipped with a USB-C–to–Lightning cable while all other iPhone continues to supply with a USB-A–to–Lightning cable).

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