Types of interviews – How to Ace Them


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What Are Types of Interviews and How to Ace Them

An interview can be defined as the formal conversation between two or more people where one person ask question to get the require responses. When we talk about the work interview it is the combination of two words inter and view. View means seeing each other, so interview means the group involved in a meeting want to know each other. An interview is for the job to know about a jobseeker how much capable for require job vacancy.

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Types of interviews

Interview are of different types like job interview, project interview, termination or leaving employee the company. There are different types of job interview and how to ace them are discussed below:

Telephonic Interview – Most Popular Types of interviews

The phone interview is the preliminary or basic interview in which the recruiters screen the candidate on call. The recruiters conclude that you are the right person for applied job or not. If you are shortlist then the recruiter schedule you the next round of interview. There are a number of important points that should be remember before attend the phone are – to ensure that take the call in the silent place answer the recruiter question without any disturbance. This is popular types of interviews now a days. To crack the telephonic interview you have to follow the tip to get shortlist are:

Environment should be silent

Before attending the telephonic interview, you would make sure that no disturbance while answer to the recruiter. When you are at noisy place told to recruiter call me after sometime or you can call back to recruiter.

Practice before attend the telephonic interview

The recruiter will schedule your interview at a particular time, you have to practice related to your profile before receiving the call. If possible record your voice then listen according to that improve your voice if require.

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Answer in polite and decent way

During answering to the recruiter you have to speak polite and when you get nervous during call take deep breath then reply. Avoid stammering during telephonic interview.

Pay attention to position

While attending the telephonic interview you have to focus on your body activity there should no disturbance in answering to the recruiter. It will be distracting your mind if you change the position.

Group interview – Types of interviews for mass elimination

This type of group interview is use to shortlist the candidate when bulk of candidate apply for the job to save the time and who are more capable for the require vacancy. Group interview is use rarely, two types of group interview: an applicant present in a group for interview among the interviewers and other is a group of applicants and an interviewer.This is important types of interviews for mass elimination. By the following tips you could ace the group interview:

Recognize the topic

Before speaking about the topic you have clarity about the points related to topic. You would not get nervous when people speaking among the group.

Speak confidently

When you have the point to speak between the group you voice should be audible, confident and polite way. To make sure that you are heard and understood both side

Pay attention before speaking

If you heard properly before speaking it will help you to making the points related to topic. In this interview you have to that you build smarter conversation as well as present your skills with good communicator.

Face to face interview – Types of interviews for final selection

This is the traditional type of interview in which you should answer a number of questions by the recruiter. This types of interviews is like final selection round. It will help for both the recruiter and you also because the question is design to figure out you the right candidate for this job or not.

Video or Skype interview

In this type of interview the recruiter scheduled the interview after shortlisting candidate and you are the continuous part of job application process for many companies.Skype is popular types of interviews now a days for remote candidates. Video interview is usually use because of the suitability and the capability to democratise hiring process.

Video interview tips

  • To make sure you have the good set up for the interview like webcam, speaker, wifi connection to system.
  • To choose the right place for video interview, no other sound like music, noise or people walking that will disturb your interview.
  • To focus the interview close the distracting things like apps of the computer, keep the mobile in silent.
  • To keep the document which you need during the video interview with you. Don’t waste the time during the interview.
  • Be professional and show your personality, appearance in formal like taking the face to face interview.

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Panel interview

In this type of interview a group of member sit together from a institute to the interview and an applicant who looking for job. Panel interview are common type of interview, this is commonly used in the campus recruitment and drive in the college. They can be held for hiring new recruits, assessing research scholars, holding auditions, etc. The tips to ace the panel interview are :

  • To search out the potential candidate from the college or university and take a look the candidate interest in which field.
  • Be confident when you answer to the recruiter question and keeps in mind while speaking, your voice should be calm and form way of appearance.
  • The answer should be related to different area of interest that other panellists also have interest to analyse the candidate.
  • To practice about your important and relevant topics what you should speak to the recruiter panel.

The situation Interview

In this type of interview the recruiter give a situation to the candidate to find out how many tips to solve the problem. This is basically use when the recruiter need to check the candidate mind, it is necessary to evaluate the candidate are capable for this job or not. There are different type of situation to ace the situation interview :

  • To focus the situation given by the recruiter
  • To analyse the situation with thoughtful thought
  • To speak confidently when you saying to the recruiter with the answer how and why you do to solve the situation.
  • To check will the recruiter satisfy with your answer or not.

Exit Interview

This interview could be taken when employee terminated or leaving the company. Exit interview conducted on phone, mail, face to face and form survey. This interview would be helping the organization to improve their self by receiving the feedback of old employee. To ace the exit interview tips are:

  • Not to avoid sending or giving the response to company because it will help to improve the organisation.
  • To be honest with your company whatever are reason you have to leave the company.
  • Exit interview will help for the better organisation to make and implement better norms and policies.
  • Your old colleague and professional network are valuable, if there is little chance of working with them again, it is advisable to not behave wildly and cut off all ties.


At the end of this topic, I want to say the reader that every type of interview is important for you because it gives you a experience and improve in your skills what to answer and how to answer to the recruiter. After ace the interview you have a good opportunity to build the future career. Every type of interview have require in the candidate are confidence, analytical, best performer for the organisational benefit and good communication.

The candidate has to take feedback to the recruiter, because it will help the jobseeker to improve. The type of interview as discuss above are the important and help to crack the interview. If you have other type of interview and interview advise that firstly focus on the motive of interview according to that you prepare yourself. By formal dress up, by good communication with the recruiter, attractive resume and presenting yourself with skill related to job confident. You have to show yourself that your focus on your work and pay attention while you reply to recruiter or any work given you.

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