The hot discussions about Big Boss fame Rashmi Desai’s upcoming Ullu Web Series Tandoor is very trending. Now that Tandoor Trailer has been launched, the veil has been removed from all the secrets. Apart from this, those speculations have also proved to be correct, under which it was said that one day the famous ‘Tandoor Kand’ of Delhi will be presented to the people of the country in the form of a web ser

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The Reason For The Murder

Naina Sahani, do you remember this name? Are you aware of Sunil Sharma? Can’t remember what was said. That’s does not matter; 26 years ago, July 2, 1995, a murder occurred in Delhi. In which a man named Sunil Sharma first shot and killed his wife, Naina Sahani. Then Sunil filled Naina’s corpse in his car and made a plan to ‘disposal’ it. But when he could not find the right place to put the body, he took it to Indraprastha Hotel in Delhi, cut the body into pieces, and burnt it in a tandoor. High-profile accused Sunil Sharma was the Delhi Youth Congress President while Naina Sahani was also a Congress leader. Illegal relations are believed to be the reason for the murder.

Tandoor Murder: Ullu Web Series

Sunil suspected that Naina was having an illicit relationship with someone. The question will be whether 26 years after the incident, why the talk of ‘Tandoor Murder’ ‘Naina Sahani’ and ‘Sunil Sharma’? The answer is OTT platform Ullu and the Ullu Web Series Tandoor of Big Boss fame Rashmi Desai are being released soon. The market of discussions about TV actress Rashmi Desai’s upcoming web series ‘Tandur’ was very hot. Now that Tandoor Trailer has been launched. The veil has been removed from all the mysteries. Apart from this, those speculations have also proved to be correct, under which it was said that one-day’ Tandoor Kand’ will be presented to the people of the country in the form of a web series.

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The trailer of Ullu’s web series Tandoor is a terrific combo of love and deceit, which will not only give you goosebumps but will also tell you what a feeling a person has when they are in love with someone unconditionally when they are a victim of deception or to say that betrayal. If we look at the video that has been released of Tandoor Trailer, then tremendous positiveness about love has been engraved on the screen.

Hone Ko Ullu’s web series Tandoor is a crime thriller, but in the trailer, as it has dialogues and visuals shown, we claim that the audience will wake up after seeing all its episodes when this series is released.

What is the first reaction after watching Tandoor Trailer?

Before talking about anything else, we have to note that Tandoor is being released on Ullu Web Series. Therefore, this series has not only been spiced up by adding hot scenes, but it also has a lot of political mileage. As the trailer tells, actor Rashmi Desai is in the role of Palak in this series. Who is married to a person named Sahil Sharma? It starts with a love story, but as the trailer progresses, the matter comes to a halt on the murder.

According to the trailer, a dead body is found in the Tandoor of a dhaba which is badly burnt. When the police take the corpse in their possession and investigate, it is found that the corpse is that of Palak, who has been brutally murdered. At the end of the trailer, Palak’s husband is shown in police custody, and we feel that if the whole story has been covered in the trailer?

Ullu has done his job by putting an intimate scene.

As we have clarified above, some special things are the USP of the OTT platform “Ullu”, including intimate or bold scenes. Ullu has stuck to his custom, and through Tandoor and Rashmi Desai, he has given the audience full opportunity to cool their eyes. That is, through this story too, Tandoor has been able to satisfy its target audience.

Ullu Web Series Tandoor Release Date is July 24, but Tandoor Trailer has increased the audience’s curiosity. How will the series be? Will Tandoor be able to scorch the audience with its flame? Will Rashmi be able to make her mark on OTT through this series? The questions are many, the answers to which we will know soon. Still, the way Ullu has raised a famous murder mystery and brought it to the silver screen, it has become clear that OTT platforms are expanding themselves with every changing day, which will directly benefit. In the future, the audience of OTT will get it.

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