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Wondering how to reach more markets with your videos? Utilize this video editing tool properly and you can get people to stick around instead of scrolling down from your video. I am going to discuss a new video editing tool called “Veed”.


This is no secret since it is one of the basic tools in video editing. However, is it used right? How will you captivate your target market from the inserted text you place within your video posts? Here are tips to grab more audience using add text.

Title card Using Veed

At first sight, your viewers must see a large and bold text in the first few seconds of your videos. A good beginning can lead them to decide to continue watching your marketing video. Make sure your title is catchy and on-brand. A well-constructed and visually appealing title can instantly hook your target market to keep watching. You can play around with this part and customize the colour, size, font, and style. As an additional tip, you can also add credits to your video where the brand logo using veed, production staff, and crew’s name is included. This is in hopes everyone who sees your video finishes it and the credits may lead to viewers searching your brand.


Most of the time, people who scroll social media don’t have their sound on unless they like what they see. Thus, it is important to have captioned text on your videos so they can read while scrolling and if they like what they read, they’ll likely unmute your video and continue watching. Adding captions allow your videos to be seen and understood by other nationalities.

Information: Veed

Through your video, adding a tips section or a fun fact about your brand or product will add substance to your videos. Short text on screen is easily remembered. Some viewers even pause the video to catch the text on the screen. Giving a definition or short description on the side of your video educates your audience plus it is also proven that we quickly remember these visual texts on screen.

According to NSW Government, there are three types of writing texts:

Factual Text

Factual text is informative with a goal to educate and eventually persuade you by using the knowledge it has provided for you. It can give instructional information on how to do something. It can also use descriptive words to define a specific subject.

Persuasive Text

Persuasive text’s main goal is to influence the viewer. It starts to give you background and evidence on a particular subject and proceed to its biased point.

Literary Texts Using Veed

Literary texts are maximized in school. It could be under creative writing as it uses your imagination to tell a story. The story can appeal to you in different ways but it ends with a summary or a lesson.

Call to Action

This is significant and substantial. Always end with an action word to lead your audience to do something even after watching your video. Whether it would be buying your product or visiting your website. Inserting the call-to-action statement as text simultaneously to your viewer hearing your words give more emphasis to your point.

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Final Word: Veed

This add text tool is barely used because it is another challenge how to aesthetically place it in your video. Some people also mistakenly put the text that is not appealing and eye-catching at all. The trick is to keep what is essential. You need not overthink using this tool.

Slowly, you’ll be able to instantly identify what needs to stay and what should not be included in the video. Another tip is to keep the communication line open within your team when you’re conceptualizing and thinking of the power texts you will use Veed.

Keeping the communication open can help increase your productivity and makes the video editing process more collaborative. The short texts you insert on videos will boost your post’s informational value and will further your marketing strategy in garnering new markets.

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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