Visit to NYC: How to Make Your Next Visit to NYC the Most Memorable Yet


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Visit to NYC: No matter how long you’re planning to be in New York City, whether it be a few hours or a few days, there is plenty to do save your time consider using luggage storage in Penn Station for a hassle-free trip and go explore , see and eat. There are a ton of reasons this bustling city is so famous and beloved by the residents that call the Big Apple home.

From the 693 acres of Central Park to museums, theaters, and restaurants, NYC should be on every travelers’ bucket list.

If you don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help you plan the most memorable trip to the city that you can imagine. Drop your luggage off in one of the best places for luggage storage in New York City and you’re ready to make some memories.

Tourist Attractions In New York City

When Should I Visit NYC?

Visiting NYC heavily depends on your preferences. If you love winter and the holiday season, the magic of New York City during the winter holidays is unmatched. Carriage rides in the snow, holiday lights all around, hot cocoa from street vendors, and seeing the ball drop on New Year’s Eve are some of the most amazing things you can see during the winter. You can even go ice skating at one of the 3 major outdoor ice rinks in Manhattan.

However, when a lot of people think about vacation, one of the last things they want to deal with is cold and snow, so summer would be a great time to visit. If you visit NYC in the summer, the options for entertainment are practically endless. From outdoor concerts to street fairs and other events, there is plenty to do in the Big Apple during the summer. The downside? Being inside a city, things can get HOT. The pavement reflects the sun and the platforms at the subway can get really steamy. Planning your vacation around the weather is a good idea if you’re not into the heat or the cold.


One of the biggest questions people have about visiting New York is how can they get around. A big perk about NYC is that there are plenty of options for public transportation. The New York City subway connects the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, allowing riders to get anywhere in the city. You can pay $2.75 per ride or $33 for a 7-day pass. If you get the pass, you can use it for both trains and buses.

Alternatively, when the weather is good, going from borough to borough via the Ferries is a great option. The Staten Island Ferry is free, while the others cost $2.75 per ride. Riders can not use their bus and subway pass for the ferries. New York City also has taxis and rideshare options, if you prefer to get around by car. This is a great option if you want a ride directly to your destination. Now that you know how to get around, what is there to do in NYC?

Visit Central Park

If you love doing stuff outside, Central Park is a fun place to visit. This vast park takes up nearly 700 acres of Manhattan, with a total of 58 miles worth of pathways throughout the park. It is a very family-friendly spot to go, with 21 playgrounds, as well as a castle, fountains, sculptures, bridges, a zoo, and there is even an ice skating rink in the winter.

Food Festivals

Known as a cultural melting pot, you can sample food from all over the world in NYC. Some of the best events you can attend in the city are food festivals. There are regular food festivals, featuring some of the best restaurants and chefs throughout the city, as well as cultural festivals that focus on certain types of cuisine or food from specific regions. If food and wine festivals are your thing, NYC hosts several throughout the year, in both warm and cool months.

One of the most popular events is called Smorgasburg Williamsburg, which is an outdoor artisanal food market hosted from April through October. There are around 100 local vendors that serve some of the best food in the city. They even have an indoor location in the Atlantic Center, if you’re looking for an indoor option. There is no entry fee, however, some of the dishes you can find are pricey. As you navigate from stall to stall, expect to wait in line, as these events tend to attract tens of thousands of people each weekend.

See The Sights

If you’ve never been to NYC, there are a ton of amazing sights to see. Grand Central Terminal is one of the busiest train stations in existence, and also one of the more famous spots in the city. Once you step through the doors, you’re taken back to old New York. To a time when the wealthy rode on luxury trains, while the average working man used this form of transportation as their daily commute to work. This spot does get busy during rush hour, so it’s best to admire the architecture, shopping, and dining during the slower hours.

Other notable sights include the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the NYC Stock Exchange, and more. For those that love seeing unique architecture, St. Peter’s Cathedral is an amazing place to visit, as the unique architecture stands out against the modern-day buildings surrounding it.

How to Have The Best Vacation in New York City

When it comes down to it, planning the best vacation for you in NYC isn’t as hard as you’d think. Make sure you choose a time of year with comfortable weather and exciting events.

Whether you want to spend the winter holidays in the city or you want to have some summer fun, there are a ton of things to do when you visit the Big Apple. From delicious food to music festivals to exploring the sights and museums, New York City has a little bit of something for everyone.

FAQ: Visit to NYC

What are some good reasons to visit New York?

When you want to experience a world-class show, Broadway is the perfect destination. Its many shows will transport you to a completely different world. From long-running classics like The Lion King to more recent hits like Hamilton and Aladdin, Broadway has something for everyone. The awe of the theater will make even non-theater-goers want to come and see the shows. From grand musicals to traditional stage performances, Broadway has it all.

Why is NYC the best city in the world?

New York City is a diverse, multicultural city that consistently ranks high on lists of best cities in the world. You can wear the same outfit every day of the year, dye your hair different colors, hold hands with your best friend, and more. You can be yourself and not worry about getting second glances. You can be as outrageous as you want. It’s that open-minded attitude that makes New Yorkers a favorite travel destination.

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