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What is Virtual Network Computing(VNC)

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a virtual desktop-sharing device that uses the Remote Frame Buffer Protocol (RFB) to remotely access another computer. It transmits the events of the keyboard and mouse from one computer to another, relaying updates of the graphical-screen in the other direction, over a network.

VNC is platform-independent-for many GUI-based operating systems and Java, there are clients and servers. At the same time multiple clients will connect to a VNC server. Common applications for this application involve remote technological assistance and accessing data on your work machine from your home device, or vice versa.

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We often use VNC viewer and connects with different servers along with remote devices(node/router/switch) in use but when it comes to toggle the mouse cursor from remote VNC session to locale work space, it becomes quite tedious and annoying sometimes. VNC viewer mouse pointer problem can be resolved using following steps –

I will pen down each and every single steps to do so without any difficulty.

  1. Open VNC and connect to the desired server.

  2. Once Connected, the server will list down in the below pane. just Select it and click on the file button as below.

  3. Select the Properties button after clicking on the file button, then toggle and select the Expert button from the newly popped up pane.

  4. Scroll down the listed menu to select the parameter “RelativePtr”, Which would be set to “True” by default.

  5. Select the RelativePtr and set its value to “False”, then click on OK

  6. Close the server window if in use and re-open, the toggle of mouse cursor from remote desktop to local would be active now.

How to make a VNC Server!

VNC viewer mouse pointer problem will get resolved after following above steps. But if you gace any issues after following above steps. Please reach out to me using comments.

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  1. Thanks for explaining it in such a simple way so that even a layman can understand keep blogging very useful 👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Very detailed and nicely put together information..Keep writing such blogs and keep educating us about the trending technologies..

  3. I have no parameter “RelativePtr” on VNC-Server-6.7.2-Windows.exe
    after click on Expert button can You help me ?


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