10 Best VoIP Business Calling App for Cheap Call Rates


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Best VoIP Business Calling App for Cheap Call Rates

VoIP phone apps are great because they allow you to make calls from your smartphone. You pay only for your 3G/4G data usage. Android phones hold the majority of the smartphone market. They have more variety and are available from major providers. People are not reliant on mobile networks are they used to be.

They can receive data signals in the same place they receive a mobile signal. Now Wi-Fi is more commonly used. With technological advancement and the internet, we can talk to people over the internet the same way we do over the traditional phone. If you want to ditch your cell network then that could not only be easier but also more efficient and cheaper. We are going to enlist the best apps you can use for VoIP calls. 

Here is a list of the 10 best apps that you can use to make free VoIP calling apps UK:

WhatsApp #1

Whatsapp is a really popular messaging app that also offers voice and video calling. This is a rock-solid platform that is easy to download and use. It also has some extra goodies including multimedia support, file attachments and address book integration. But, if you are somebody who wants a real landline phone number then this app is not for you. 

Skype #2

Skype is one of the most known VoIP apps out there. With support for both Microsoft and Facebook and a huge user base, it is very easy to use. With Skype, you can chat, make voice and video calls. You can also make landline phone calls for a small fee. The Skype desktop app works better than the mobile app but it is not that bad. Skype also has cross-platform support for PC devices and mobile phones. There is actually not much wrong with it. 

VoIP Business #3

Whether you own a small business or are an entrepreneur this is a good solution for you. VoIP Business allows you to make voice and video calls, send messages, receive voicemails or hold conference calls. You not only can do that but you can also buy phone numbers. With this business VoIP UK app, you can enhance your employees or team’s potential by using a calendar, file sharing, voicemail, task management and much more. You can also make calls internationally at cheap VoIP Call rates. VoIP app converts your phone into an extension to keep workers connected to the office and customers.

Google Duo #4

Google Duo is one of the latest video calls app available. It supports voice calls as well. Just like any other app everyone needs to have Duo in order for the call to work. The voice and video quality is excellent and is very easy to use. All you need is for your friends to sing up for this app and you are ready to make calls. It usually comes pre-installed on some Android phones and works with iOS as well. 

Facebook Messenger #5

In all honestly, Facebook Messenger is an above-average app. With this app you send SMS messages, make voice and video calls. The quality of this app majorly depends on how fast your internet connection is. The app heavily depends on resource usage as well, that is why it’s not recommended for older or lower devices. However, there is a Messenger Lite option that depends less on system usage, although its only calls can be texts. 

Google Hangouts #6

Google Hangouts is one of the best better VoIP apps as it works just like Facebook Messenger. While most people use it for sending text or pictures but it supports voice calls, video and group call as well. You can also connect your Google Voice phone number for calls, SMS texting and voicemail messages. If you make voice or video calls only then Google Duo is better for that. It is free to download from the app store. 

Nextiva #7

Nextiva is an all-in-one VoIP system that provides voice calling, particularly designed for business use. It offers a lot of features to keep the conversation going anywhere and anytime. Regardless of your location, Nextiva offers you the right tools such as Nextiva App to make sure your business establishes relationships and drives sales. Whether you want to connect with customers through email, SMS or voice call, this app gives you all on a single platform.

With this all-in-one app, you don’t need to worry about leaving work behind. You can keep your company data organized inside the CRM, whilst you join a conference call from across the globe. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can convert your business communications with Nextiva. You can select from their VoIP Call packages that best suit your business needs.

Talkatone #8

You can send text messages and make calls with Talkatone. You can Wi-Fi or mobile data to make free calls without cell minutes. You can easily download it on your mobile and stop paying for cell minutes. You don’t have to worry about bad cell coverage or costly international minutes while travelling. This app can replace your local phone to text and call for free and the best part is that the recipient doesn’t need to have Talkatone. You can freely text and call employees, customers, co-workers, and your supervisor without having to worry about minutes. 

WeTalk #9

This app is great but is available for iOS phones only. WeTalk provides you with a cheap way to call anyone, anywhere at any time. It helps you in avoiding the costs of international calling. There’s no registration needed, however, you can also utilize Apple ID to pay as you go. You can also get free daily and bonus call credits with every call you make. You can make hassle-free calls from and to your business with this app. 

Nimbuzz Messenger #10

The Nimbuzz Messenger allows you to send free and unlimited messages. However, that’s not all. You can also make free and unlimited calls as well. With this app, you not only get to share files and make an international call but you can also make video calls as well. You just need a good internet connection. You can also attach stickers to the messages that you send. You can also create a group chat to have a group discussion. While travelling if you don’t want to miss out on work you can use this app. 


What is VoIP and how it works?

VoIP phones are an advanced technology that allows you to allow phone calls using the internet rather than a conventional landline or mobile network. VoIP systems convert analog voice signals to digital signals via connections to broadband. A VoIP service can be utilized to connect calls to other networks of the telephone.

Is Skype a VoIP?

Skype is also among the top popular and widely known video calling service that uses the VoIP protocol. Skype utilizes a particular type of VoIP protocol known as peer-to-peer connection which means that once the user has logged into their Skype account, there is no need to control the communications between the sender and the recipient of the call.

Are VoIP calls free?

Yes. The cost is free for you to join up to a variety of the most popular devices-based VoIP providers, but you may pay to get access to the most expensive features, such as video conferences. Once you’ve signed up you’ll usually be able to make free VoIP calls to anyone else with the same service no matter where they are in the world.

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