How To Maintain A Water Purifier Efficiently?


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As we all know, the importance of a water purifier can never be taken for granted in our daily lives. A good water purifier guarantees that the water you consume is filtered and independent of any physical or organic contaminants. Using different filters and purification technologies makes sure that the water you drink is safe and uncontaminated. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the proper maintenance of water purifiers and their filters with regular RO service.

Change The Water Filter

All types of water filter systems bear the purification process because they are one of the principal components that filter the water by absorbing or reducing contaminants. You need to control the input water quality and fix your purification system thus to ensure smooth working. With the passage of time, many pollutants accumulate on water purifiers affect the performance of your water purifier. This ordinarily results in a controlled flow rate and water having an offensive smell. If you also notice all the mentioned signs, you must change your water filter at the earliest.

Regular Service

When you service your water purifier regularly by a trusted RO service provider, it assures maximum purification at all times. Furthermore, it also provides you with peace of mind as you don’t need to worry about your cleaner. Along with this, you should drain out water that has been deposited in the tank for more than 48 hours as part of in-house maintenance of your water purifier. Accumulated water becomes inappropriate for consumption.

Don’t Ignore Drips And Leakages

When you see any leak in your water purifier, you should not avoid it at any value. You must contact a specialist and schedule a regular maintenance check-up. Additionally, you must ensure that the required steps are taken till the leak is sealed or taken care of.

Replacing the RO membrane

RO water purifier is a widely used purification process that uses membrane technology to purify water with high TDS content. The RO membrane of the water purifier consumes many suspended impurities and colloidal particles from the water as it passes through it. This affects the age of the membrane because all these suspended particles seal the pores, resulting in foul-tasting water. You must replace the membrane in case you notice these signs. You must give attention to the water purifier and filtration quality of the RO membrane because it is one of the important elements that help produce safe water.

Annual Maintenance

Maintaining a water purifier for home becomes easy with company’s contracts, making it easy for you to keep your water purifier without lengthy procedures or hassles. To place a service request for your water purifier, log a recommendation from their website. You can call their customer care person. If you practice these tips, you can ensure that you keep your water purifier efficiently, resulting in its effective execution.

Some FAQs about Water Purifier Service

1. When Should I Book Water Purifier Service?

Nobody knows the exact time, but ideally, you should fix a water purifier service every three months. If you have a good quality water purifier, it may last from 12-15 years when it gets regular maintenance and good services. Nowadays, technologies have reached new heights, so the water purifier notifies its purchaser to book its services.

Yes, you read it right; now the water purifier is packed with the filter change alarm, which helps you remember the specific time for a filter change so that a water purifier can function appropriately and treat water contaminants properly. Nevertheless, here we have listed the ideal time for the replacement of the following.

Water Purifier

RO Membrane

All types of RO technology utilize a semipermeable membrane to separate dissolved contaminants from water. Because of its continuous process, the RO filters must be replaced at least once a year to guarantee good water purity.

Carbon Filter

The carbon filter detaches chlorine and other artificial contaminants to improve the RO filter’s impact. The carbon filter should be renewed after 3-6 months of utilization so that a water purifier functions properly and produces healthy drinking water.

Sediment Filter

The sediment filter of the water purifier is also recognized as a pre-filter and works to eliminate dirt and contaminants from the water. It stops the entry of pollutants into the RO membrane. So you must clean the sediment filter regularly, and it should be changed twice a year.

2. Where to Contact For Water Purifier Service

There are various water purifier service providers across the nation to contact them quickly but each time you hire a professional, ensure that they are trusted and experienced. Selecting a white-collar service person guarantees that your water purifier will receive good treatment. You can hire a professional water purifier service engineer with a call and register your water purifier service request, and enjoy hassle-free service at your doorstep.

3. How Frequently Should We Service Our Water Purifier

We talked to various water purifier service experts, and all of them had their own opinion. However, most of them recommended that the perfect time to get your water purifier service done is in three months. Exceeding beyond three months can cause malfunctioning of the device, or it may stop functioning correctly, and it may put extra pressure on your pocket. 

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