Web Design: What You Need to Know about Designing


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Website design has multidimensional aspects to it and that is the reason web designers have to play multiple roles and pay particular attention to all the trends present in the marketplace. This is because adaptability is the key when you are in a field as diverse as web designing as it not only maintains the credibility of your work but also adds to the professionalism. Therefore, no matter how established you are as a web designer, you need to approach a broader perspective when it comes to the growth of your work in order to be relevant in the fast-changing industry. So, in order to become relatively more knowledgeable about building effective and usable website layouts, let us have an overview of some of the top tips that every web designer should know. 

Web Design: What You Need to Know

Less is More

The most important yet most overlooked factor of a web design is its simplicity. Hence, it is important to keep the website design as clean and simple as possible as it doesn’t have to be visually appealing but should also be user-friendly. This is the reason why most businesses specifically hire a website design and development company in order to get the desired aesthetics for their website. Hence, it becomes important for you as a web designer to maintain simplicity in order to make web design more interactive for visitors. Hence, you must limit the features and components on a page so that the visitor can focus on the relevant information like the CTA of the website. 

Provide Easy Navigation

Another very crucial factor you should consider while designing a website is that its navigation should be very easy. This is because the website will be of no use regardless of good features and functionalities if the visitors are not able to find them. Hence, you need to give extra attention while planning on a website’s navigation structure that includes placement, style, technology, usability, and most importantly web accessibility. All of these elements should be kept in mind when designing in order to come up with a design having cut-edge navigation that can direct the visitors to the most relevant information conveniently. 

Understand Color Accessibility

Choice of colors plays an important role in designing a website. Hence, as a web developer, you must be good and effective in using the right colors. For choosing the correct color combination for your website, you should definitely consider the color contrast of the background and the foreground colors to enhance the readability and user experience for the visitors. For instance, you must add texts of darker color on the background having lighter colors and vice versa. This is because a very obvious color combination of darker shades and lighter shades poses a strong impact on the visitor and makes them attentive to the information. On the whole, it is not just about choosing a good color combination but also applying it to the right elements on the right pages. 

Optimize Web Graphics for Faster Loading Times

Then comes the turn of web graphics and if you are a web designer, you must be aware of its importance in web design. Hence, you must optimize your web graphics by using the proper format and making sure that it is as small as possible because it positively affects the loading speed of the website. Generally, the main reason for the sluggish loading time of any website design depends on the sizes and quality of images and other web graphics. There are several steps that you can take in order to optimize the images. Hence, you must make sure that whatever file format you choose for your website, should be optimized using the required tools. These tools can help in downsizing the files which can enhance the loading speed of the website. So, the crux is that you must limit the number of images and smartly reduce the sizes of whichever files you use. This way you improve the performance of your website pages. 

In the end, we hope that you have got all the relevant information you need to be good at website designing, and with that, we believe that you can grow far and wide in your web designing career. Make sure that you do not just understand these tips and tricks but also implement them in your work in order to go beyond perfect at designing successful websites.

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