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Choosing The Right Email Address To Build Your Online Brand

In today’s world, having the right email address is important. This is often our primary communication vehicle. If our email address is childish or doesn’t look professional, it can send the wrong message. It used to be we could simply choose the email address created by our provider. Most of us choose our first and last names for our personal email. We will discuss “Getting Emails for Your Business Website Online Brand Building” in this article.

If that isn’t available, we’ll try various versions until one is accepted. If you’re still using an email you created during your teens, it is probably time to consider changing it. This is especially true if you’re trying to build an online brand reputation.

If you are a young professional or a college student who is trying to build a professional reputation, it is important to create an email you can use for several years.

You may not realize it, but your email quickly becomes your brand. Even your personal email may be seen by business acquaintances. This is why it is important to choose an email that is professional, even if you’re only planning to use it to communicate with friends. Read more about GoDaddy Email Login.

Our professional life includes not only our work network but our personal network as well. With the number of social media platforms today, there really isn’t any way to separate the two. Anything you post is likely to be seen by both networks. When creating an email, there are several mistakes you need to avoid.

Online Brand

Don’t choose an email that is too flirty. If your current email is something left over from high school or college, you might want to change it to something a bit more professional.

If you are using an email that is shared with your family or your partner, now is the time to create your own. You want your new professional email to go only to you.

Your new email should not be too generic. Choose an email that is easily identifiable as coming from you. It is also important that your email address is error-free.

It is also important to leave out symbols and underscores. Spam filters are often set to look for these and this type of email will be directed straight to the junk folder.

The best email consists of both your first and last name. You can put a decimal point in between the names if that helps. You may find this email address is not available. If that happens, play around with abbreviations and name order. You’ll soon find an email that is both professional and helps build your brand. GoDaddy helps to create free emails with your when sign in for their hosting plan. Read here how to access GoDaddy webmail login.

Online Brand Building

In a day and age where social media, SEO, and online brand marketing appear to be delivering the biggest blows to your time and effort when starting a new website, common link building remains one of the simplest, and most important methods of improving the value of your site.

Obviously, over time, any site will receive more incoming links from other sites or directories. You can strike up partnerships, do basic link swaps, and even exchange content with other websites. But what do you do if you’re a fledgling website and you want to get the ball rolling?

Here are five helpful tips that can help you build links to your site and improve its value. Remember to keep in mind that the higher quality the incoming link is, the greater value that link and site reflect on your site or the page that is being linked to.

5 Building Links Strategies

Credible Directory Submissions #1

Submitting your website to online brand directories comes in first on this list because it is so easy to do, can really be beneficial when utilized correctly, and also because there are probably directories that your site’s genre can fit into all over the web.

If you submit to the right directories, you can improve your SEO, Link Building, and also increase the likelihood of being discovered by internet users searching directories in your genre.

The number one thing to look out for is paid scam directories, along with less than credible free directories that can sometimes limit your ability to control the links going back to your website.

Once you test the waters a bit and feel comfortable with submitting your site, be sure to scour the internet for credible, well-respected directories that match up with your website’s genre, and start submitting.

Optimized Press Releases #2

If you’re kicking off your website’s business or simply getting started with new content, a great way to get the news out about what you’re up to is to create and publish a press release. A quality press release at a respectable press release site can offer solid SEO and Link Building, and also gives you the chance of getting noticed through other sites and publications for the topic or topics your press release is attempting to get noticed for.

If you want to publish an article then go for SEO write for us and increase your brand authority.

It is usually best to get the most out of your press release (especially if it is paid), and try to send out press releases that unleash a new message, information, or product. The more unique your message is, the more likely it gets noticed across the internet. However, at the very worst, solid SEO press releases can give you boosts in SEO rankings, while they can also supply quality links back to the pages of your choosing on your website.

Blog Links #3

Utilizing blog links can be very beneficial to Link Building for your new website. You can either contact prospective blogs and exchange links, or you can play by the honour code and link to any sites of interest at random, and grant them the freedom to decide whether they want to link back to you.

Social Media Links #4

Social Media shouldn’t be new to anyone launching a new website, but just because most of us are aware of its existence doesn’t mean we completely understand the magnitude of its presence. Social Media is constantly growing and changing, but one thing that remains the same with several different social media websites is that you are able to link back to your blog or website from your bio section, various profile sections, and your personal page, depending on the site.

Facebook allows you to link back to your website/blog via Facebook Pages and your personal profile, while other sites are slightly more limited but still offer at least one link. Utilizing social media is a must for most websites in general, but making sure you take advantage of the link building aspect of any social media site you use is key in maximizing your exposure and internet productivity.

Forums/Misc #5

Much like on social media sites, you can use public and private forums to your liking, as many allow live links of your choice in your personal profile and/or your signature in the actual forums. You should always try to be respectful and follow anti-spam rules in any forums you’re a new member of (to protect your reputation), but if the moment is right, you can also post links in the actual live forum. Depending on how the specific forum allows link posting, you can utilize this for SEO, Link Building, and basic promotion.

To a lesser degree, you can also try non-profit sites that correlate with your site’s main topic, and you can even search for local businesses that match up with your genre, as well.

Closing Notes: Online Brand

These five basic link building tips are a great way to start promoting your site and helping to improve your SEO and Link Building right away. The best part is if you search around, you can find credible, respectable sources to provide links, and all for free of charge!

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