What are the Best Kitchen Countertops Trends


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Within the past laminate and granite have dominated the kitchen countertops world. However these days there are many alternative sorts of stone and material used for room countertop surfaces. Several natural materials like wood and natural stone became more and more standard in recent years since they’re each fashionable and environmentally friendly. Whether or not you’re doing a room renovation, remodel, or planning fully from scratch there are a lot of countertop designs and choices to settle on from. From classic to unconventional despite your style vogue or preference there’s a possibility for each house owner.

kitchen countertops trends of 2021:

white marble countertops:

White silver marble is an enclosed designer favorite in recent years and has become one of all the foremost desired aesthetics of 2020. The gorgeous stone pairs well with chrome steel appliances and white room cupboards for a bright, clean, and stylish room ambiance. For distinction adding a darker color island base like deep inexperienced, navy blue, or oxford gray will offset the brightness of an all-white room. Marble countertops are a durable and warmth resistant surface; a number of the foremost standard types of Marble Countertops Kitchen island embody Calacatta Borghini, Calacatta old master, and arabescato.

Soapstone countertop:

Soapstone is apace gaining quality since it’s eco friendly. These days the typical client isn’t any longer within the dark concerning wherever their product comes back from and what impact they need on the setting. This makes talcum a preferred alternative for environmentally-conscious consumers. Talcum ranges in color from light-weight gray to deep charcoal and every one reminder gray in between. Talcum countertops are good material once going for a country aesthetic perfect once paired with a house sink. A number of the foremost standard soapstones are inexperienced talcum and smoke talcum.

Concrete kitchen countertops:

For a contemporary and industrial look, concrete countertops are the new and unlikely trend. Usually, once one thinks of concrete they think about the cold paseo however once done right concrete countertops may be an inspired and stylish addition to your room. Contrary to standard belief grey isn’t the sole color that concrete countertops come back in; they will vary from bright white to black.

Butcher block countertops:

Wood butcher board thick countertop edge are back and higher than ever. Butcher board countertops are an ideal thanks to adding heat to your room. The wood countertop helps to interrupt up all-white kitchens, bring the heat to the least vogue room, or to feature charm to a house vogue room. Butcher board countertops are straightforward to keep up requiring occasional oiling. This look offers sleek simplicity to your room.

Bold veining countertops:

Bold and dramatically patterned countertops will create a standard room that appears extraordinary. Daring veining may be a good way to stay your artistic style from turning too minimal by adding a beautiful style. Black and kitchen Countertops Leesburg are dateless and paired with open shelving and light-weight wood accents to distinguish the dark black veining, cabinets, and island giving it an elegant and fashionable feel. Pictured below is exciting Copacabana granite.

Pop of color countertops:

In kitchen countertops in VA, generally, the islands become the center of attention of the area therefore adding a pop of color to your island countertop may be a good way to brighten up a monochromatic room. You’ll be able to bring life to space by victimization untraditional colored countertops within the home to form a press release.

Black granite countertops:

Granite countertops are standard for years; dominating the room counter house within the early 2000s neutral tones. Granite isn’t a craze of the past that is finished with a contemporary twist. Paired with white, black, or gray woodwork black veined granite may be the proper acceptable complete and light-weight, classy, and elevated look in your room. Pairing black granite with cherry wood and serious browns can create your room look obsolete however seizing standard fashionable colors this color granite states dateless. Granite may be a sturdy surface, resistant to scratching, cracking, and breaking. Granite is additionally heat and stain-resistant. Pictured is oscuro mist granite paired dead with dark charcoal cupboards and chrome steel appliances for an elegant and fashionable look.

From island to table countertops:

The island to table style is loved for its beauty and practicality. Island to table countertops simply be and are a good looking centerpiece for the room. This look brings the whole style of the room along dead by making runniness between the countertop, island, and table. Rather than usurping a precious house in your home for an area, expand your island to a table creating the middle of the area as a hub for interaction.

Glass countertops:

Glass may be a gorgeous various to natural stone choices within the home. Not solely is category cheap however conjointly practical. Glass is a perfect material for a countertop since its heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and extremely fashionable. Glass is extremely various as a result of there’s a large form of colors out there since glass may be infused with a color treatment, or left to be clear.

Quartz countertops:

Extremely standard for its sturdiness, aesthetic, and low maintenance. It has become a trending countertop material since the increase in all-white room aesthetics. Countertops ne’er ought, not like granite, marble, and alternative surfaces that need regular maintenance. Quartz is a built stone thus patterns and veining are good. It is therefore versatile and is that the good stone to urge the white marble look while not breaking the bank. A number of the foremost standard quartz countertops are vein statuario Bianco, Livorno petal, and statuary petal.

Thick black countertops:

Thick block countertops can create a robust style statement in your room. This look can value you a fair penny since the thickness of stone countertops directly impact the value. Thick block countertops provide your room luxurious and lavish vibes. 

Limestone countertops:

When it involves room countertops, rock may be a lovely and heat-resistant alternative. Rock is in many alternative colors and shades. The planning of rock can provide a sense of sunshine and heat in your house. Rock countertops, very similar to any natural stone countertops, are a high-quality possibility for your home.The foremost standard rock countertops are moleanos, jerusalem gray, and valverde rock.

Waterfall islands countertops:

The body of water countertops for room islands is an enormous trend in 2020. For a novel and show-stopping island extending the kitchen countertops from the highest down the perimeters and flowing down to the ground creates a wide-ranging look. So, you’ll be able to produce this look with nearly any material, creating it straightforward to attain the planning.

Laminate countertops:

Nothing says retro quite like laminate countertops. These days high-end laminates will check a number of the foremost standard natural stone countertops like marble, granite, and quartz. Laminate may be a sensible variety once attempting to chop prices. Once putting them into a rental or investment property laminate may be an eye-appealing and cost-efficient alternative. However, natural stone countertops are the foremost ideal surface for longevity, high traffic areas, and to feature worth to your home.

Quartzite countertops:

Rock is in many alternative colors and patterns that have a robust alikeness to the planning of marble. Pictured is a fantasy brown rock countertop with lush veins of blue, grey, and gold.


Sometimes, you practice in your room, and it feels a touch obsolete. This might be attributable to the colors on the walls. The kind of wood accustomed to build the cupboards, or the kitchen countertops. So, if you’re dying to alter things up in your room, then renovating your room countertops may be a ton less costly than revamping the whole house. Changing your countertops will breathe new life into the whole house.


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