What are the top 5 mobile phone brands in India?


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Current Scenario: Top 5 mobile phone brands

Currently, India’s handset market has more than 70 big and small mobile phone companies. However, only a handful of them are trusted brands, which have a global presence as well. 

If you are planning to switch to a new smartphone and looking forward to upcoming phones, it is best to consider the company from which you want to buy as well. 

Top 5 mobile phone brands

The most trusted brands in India are also the ones that provide durability and cost-effective functionality alongside price affordability and latest specs. Listed below are some of the most reputed brands when it comes to quality smartphones in India.


The Cupertino-based company has found immense success in the Indian market, thanks to the impressive quality of all its devices. Although its market segment is niche due to the high price tag of its handsets, iPhones are some of the most desired products in the electronics segment.

Besides the build quality, Apple’s dedication to bringing useful software and iOS updates has also resulted in optimised phones. Further, Apple gadget enthusiasts are currently awaiting upcoming phones from the company, starting with the iPhone 13 series.


Samsung is another industry giant, which has found favor with customers in India. The primary reason for this popularity is the diversity in its range of phone models. The South Korean company caters to the different budget segments, with devices starting from as low as Rs.5,000. Still, its premium smartphones are some of the most feature-loaded devices. This is most proffered by people in “top 5 mobile phone brands”.

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OnePlus is one of the newer smartphone manufacturers, whose devices have continuously impressed users. The company primarily caters to the mid-budget segment. However, all of its flagship devices ship with premium specifications and features. This combination of relatively inexpensive phones sporting the latest hardware and software is one of the primary causes for its growing popularity.

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are some of the upcoming phones to be marketed in 2021 by this Chinese brand.


Another China-based company, Xiaomi phones are some of the most trusted budget devices in the market today. Although it does offer beefier handsets for the mid-range customers, most of its portfolio is comprised of smartphones priced under Rs.20,000. 

If you are planning to buy one of its handsets, you can wait for its upcoming phones in 2021, including the Mi 10 model.

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Some of the best mobile devices in the country are from Oppo’s diverse range of handsets. Customers can seek budget smartphones from this brand, along with premium smartphone models as well. This brand is gaining popularity in “top 5 mobile phone brands”.

The Oppo A92 and A72 are some of the anticipated devices that Oppo is planning to launch in 2021.

top 5 mobile phone brands in India

Closing Notes: Top 5 mobile phone brands

Competitive pricing, along with performance quality, has led these companies to acquire commendable repute in the Indian market. Other key players include LG, Vivo, Huawei, Micromax, Nokia, and Motorola. Regardless of the model you end up buying, financial planning is crucial beforehand so that the purchase remains convenient.

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