What are the video game coins that have marked us the most?

Video games have evolved over time, from simple punching and shooting to complex mix of everything you can imagine. Whether you running a heist in GTA V or simply farming in Farmville, spending your gold on armor in Skyrim or buying players with nhl 21 hut coins in NHL, video game currencies are at the center of it. So let’s look back at some of the most memorable currencies in the game.

  1. The Mario Bros gold coins

Who has not grown up with Mario Bros? It is one of the most loved arcade games, which after more than 30 years of history continues to create new followers.

There are different currencies in the Mushroom Kingdom, the main kingdom of the Mario saga, such as the blue coin, the red coin, the star coin, the 100 gold coin. Normally, they helped to get an Virtual Currencies.

  1. Rupees in The Legend of Zelda

It also accumulates several decades of history. The protagonist’s name is Link, inspired by Peter Pan, and it means “link” because the idea of its creator was for Link to “gather the energy spread throughout the world by traveling through different eras.”

The origin of calling Zelda’s money rupees is surely due to a misinterpretation of the word ruby. In fact, this theory is reinforced by the similarity between the (bi) and (pi) characters in Japanese.

Rupees are crystals or hexagonal gems with very varied colors and are obtained by defeating enemies, cutting tall grass, destroying vases. What are we going to tell you that you do not know?

  1. Gil from Final Fantasy

It is a saga that has sold no less than 115 million copies. Something that is not bad at all, considering that the Final Fantasy title had its origin in that it would be the last game released by a company (Square) that was in bankruptcy. Without a doubt, a very ironic anecdote.

The Final Fantasy currency is also known as Guil or GP, in addition to Gil. In fact, in most games the currency is called Guil, but in Final Fantasy VII due to a translation error they were called giles. The correct thing is to say Guiles, because in Japanese (Giru), it is read with the “G” sound and not with the “J” sound.

  1. Bananas in Donkey Kong

When we talk about Donkey Kong, we exchange coins for bananas. Bananas appear in all levels and throughout the stage of the stage; they are also used as collectibles. By collecting 100 bananas, you get an extra life; the bunch of bananas equals 10 bananas.

As a curiosity, in 2010 and on the occasion of a promotion, the GAME and Gamestation establishments gave a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns to the first 20 customers who brought bananas.

Something that not many know is that the Universal studio sued Nintendo for the use of Donkey Kong, because he looked too much like the character from the King Kong movie. However, it did not go well for Universal as the patent was already in the public domain and it had to pay Nintendo legal fees.

  1. Simoleon from The Sims

If words like Klapaucius or Motherlode are important to you, you certainly know what we are talking about. The Sims’ currency was the Simoleons, and 85% of the game depended on them. It’s true that you could push yourself to get a good job, move up the ladder, and save on furnishing your home. but The Sims were non-conformist by nature.

Did you know that Simoleons were real money? This coin was in circulation in the 18th century in Great Britain, at that time the pennies were known as Simo.

  1. Gold in World of Warcraft

To say that World of Warcraft is perhaps one of the best MMORPG out there would be an understatement. It might as well set up a golden standard for all MMORPG games to come. For more than a decade it had the highest number of players and was only surpassed recently.

Anyone who has played world of Warcraft knows the difficult grind for gold. The game has its own economy, market and auction house. Players are known to spend hours upon hours doing nothing but mining, skinning and crafting etc to get gold. That is if you do not want to spend real dollars to buy gold through the game shop or try your luck with illegal gold deals with the shady peeps of world of Warcraft, which more than often result in ban.

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