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The Texas department of public safety has decided to change the look of the ID card to fight fake identity. Due to rising security threats, the card was changed to be more advanced, so that a fake copy could not be produced. Identification cards are extremely important for people, serving as proof of their identities in their states.

The ID card also helps travelers check-in at hotels, and in all other types of night parties security officials require the ID card after verification you will be able to enter certain places like clubs, parties, hotels, etc. The government of Texas is more concerned about the safety of its citizens, so they developed high-tech ID cards that meet all safety features. In this article, we’ll show you some exciting features of Texas’s new ID, so keep reading to find out what you can expect from it.


Polycarbonate, the material used on the new cards, has a high tamper-resistant level and a very difficult construction, which prevents counterfeiters from making false identification cards. The Texas Department of Public Safety said the cards feature additional laser protection which helps prevent alterations and forgeries.

Veterans are now easily identified by the card’s new design, and a disable feature is also available on the front of the card, so they can disable their information along with the branch of their service. There is a gold star in the upper right corner of the card indicating that the card is a real identification card.

A new driver’s license and identification card in Texas has a visible identifier on the front, which enables people to be identified if they suffer from a serious health condition and their ability to communicate. Additionally, Organ Donor Identifier Cardholders can specify that they are organ donors. Additionally, three tracks of the cardholder’s account information are easily readable by a magnetic stripe.

The minors who are under the age of 21 have an automatic indicator that helps them to specify on which date they will become 21. This card has the coolest feature in that any individual’s information printed on it can easily be retrieved using a PDF-417 scanner, which is the most compatible scanner. Cardholders can only receive endorsements specific to the license type.

Cardholders are required to meet certain conditions when driving. Additionally, the secondary image on the cards includes a guilloche pattern overlapping the photo. The cards were issued on October 1, 2020.

Previously issued licenses will remain valid until the validity period indicated on the license. If you are going to travel you need a real ID, like a passport. So the new Texas ID card has many great features that make copying impossible. So the government has taken great steps and modern technology can be seen on these cards, which is great. One must be a genius if he can make a copy since it is very difficult to alter the Texas ID similarly.

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