What makes the 49ers the NFL’s best at full strength


San Francisco’s 23-point victory over Philadelphia has sent a message to the rest of the league.

With their roster back to full strength, the San Francisco 49ers have established themselves as a top NFL contender. Important terms: maximum power. On Sunday, they cruised past the Eagles 42-19, the biggest road victory against a 10-1 or better club since the 1970 merger. They accomplished this feat by executing the finest run of the season, which included six consecutive touchdown drives.

Since returning to full health during the bye week, they have annihilated their opponents, going 4-0 while scoring 134-49.

Considering they have a strong supporting cast and Brock Purdy has taken over as starting quarterback last year, their statistics are beyond absurd.

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With a healthy Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, and Deebo Samuel—the three that smashed the Eagles on Sunday—in the lineup, they have a 16-0 record (including playoffs). Trent Williams could also be considered.

During the sixteen matches, they have managed to..

  • Outscored teams 529-239
  • Won 12 of 16 games by 13+ points
  • Purdy has 34 Pass TD and three INT
  • Beat the CowboysJaguars and Eagles 118-32
  • Trailed for 70 minutes and 36 seconds.

With an MVP candidate in Purdy, the league’s top weapons, and maybe the greatest defense, the 49ers have a strong argument for being the best team in the league when they’re fully healthy.

When the words “16-0” are said, thoughts of the 2007 Patriots immediately come to mind. While the 49ers were healthy, they only managed 18.2 points per game, while the 2007 Patriots outscored their opponents by 19.7 points per game. After falling behind the 2007 Patriots for over half of the game, the 49ers’ remaining statistics are beneficial.

Thanks to Tom Brady‘s 50 touchdown passes and Randy Moss’ 23 touchdown throws, New England dominated in a record-breaking fashion. I’m not attempting to argue that the 49ers, even with their starting lineup, could beat that squad. This is not a direct comparison. However, the fact that their statistics are so close to one another speaks much about the potential of the San Francisco squad.

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2007 Patriots vs. 49ers at full strength

PPG diff+19.7+18.2
Points per drive3.193.04
Drive score pct53%53%
Yards per play6.26.6
Time trailing2:21:011:10:36
What makes the 49ers the NFL's best at full strength

It’s clear that the Patriots lost to the Giants in the game. To have a chance at going to the Super Bowl, the 49ers will probably need to keep all of their players healthy. Take a look at the four games that Purdy started while they had a lot of injuries to their other players:

  • 2023 Week 8: Samuel and Williams did not play (lost 31-17 vs. Bengals)
  • 2023 Week 7: Samuel and Williams did not play (lost 22-17 at Vikings)
  • 2023 Week 6: McCaffrey and Samuel injured in game and did not return (lost 19-17 at Browns)
  • 2022 NFC Championship: Purdy torn UCL in first quarter (lost 31-7 at Eagles)

As the season goes on, it will be hard for the 49ers to keep their whole core fit. Purdy, McCaffrey, Samuel, George Kittle, Williams, Nick Bosa, and other players have all been hurt in the past. But be careful if they do.

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