What Types of White Boxes are Best in Product Shipping?


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Whether life is professional or personal, the box has a certain place in our lives. Don’t you think they bring serenity to our lives? They help pack products for transportation purposes to pack products in retail stores. There are boxes of various colors and patterns. However, there is another variant called a white box. These personalized white boxes have their charm and can attract customers. From a business point of view, the uniqueness of the variety makes you unique on the market. The information shared in this blog will undoubtedly help many people understand its importance and use in different business areas.

Why Choose the White Box?

Some industries and brands prefer a clean box of white look. For example, in terms of medical products, these custom white boxes can be considered more hygienic. However, it makes it more important than what is your target market. Some people may think these boxes with white color are very clean, but some people may discover their negative effects on the environment because they think white is synonymous with whitening. Therefore, the best time to use a white colored box for packaging is when the color affects the graphic design, for example when it is needed:

Uniform Color: This white colored box has a consistent background and background color, which can be printed and designed beautifully. So when you want to print neutral and pastel colors, they work well.

The Print is lighter: if you want the colors used to appear real and bright, the white frame is ideal. This can make your printed material well presented, thus enhancing the design effect.

Multi-Color Printing: If you plan to use multiple colors in your design, the “white box” is ideal. Since white is also a color, you can combine an ink color with a white surface to get the look of two colors.

Or use two colors of ink on a white background to get a three-color look. If you want to get colorful designs at a lower cost, this works well. Therefore, if aesthetics are important to your packaging needs, then the white-colored box is arguably a better choice for you.

Make the White-Colored Box Shippable

When it comes to the quality and sturdiness of these boxes, you have to be very careful, because you have to look at the two main steps of customizing these boxes. First, the white packing boxes must be of good quality, which will help protect your products and should be able to withstand the weight of the products. If you use them in a shoebox, make sure the soles of some shoes are heavy and others light. Depending on the shape and type of your shoes, you have to choose the packaging. Second, you need to make sure these white Kraft boxes can be transported easily without any trouble. Upon shipment, most items are assembled and stacked. Therefore, if your custom white color box is produced with high quality, you don’t have to bear any pressure when transporting the custom white colored box. You can rely on these boxes because they have tabs that lock properly.

Kraft White Box

The multiple uses of kraft boxes have completely changed the world. They make our life easy by packing many different products. Although there are various cardboard boxes on the market today, people prefer white cardboard boxes made of kraft paper to cardboard boxes for many reasons. These boxes are highly durable. Nowadays, kraft paper is recommended by companies and customers as a special material that can withstand various pressures. They have so flexible nature that these are enough to be manufactured and transferred into a lot of shapes and sizes. As the size of the packing box is important, these packing boxes have a wide range of sizes. The advantage of the high concentration of these boxes is that they can be printed in any way people want.

Custom Die Cut Boxes

To improve the aesthetics of these custom white boxes, custom die-cut box styles have been introduced to the market. This addition can also be the icing on the cake for consumers. To be honest, this helps attract customers. Also, it helps to view the products packed in such white packing boxes without opening the package. These boxes can also extend the shelf life of the products. Interestingly, these cuts aren’t limited to a specific size or shape. They can be placed on the lid of a clamshell box or set box, on the soapbox, in front of the truffle box. These cuts can be square, rectangular, or flower-shaped, or any other shape.

Customize White Colored Box Printed with your Logo

A personalized white case with a logo is the best way to advertise and market products. Since different products require different packaging, different packaging can be printed with company logos and designs. As you have seen, most brands are recognized by their logos. Since your logo is printed on these boxes, it’s best to add your contact information after them. This way, customers will gain the knowledge to find you in your position and the services you provide. Also, it should be pointed out that these boxes are straightforward and have a white base, so you can add more colors to them, or you can add logos in other colors

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