WhatsApp new privacy policy 2021: The erosion of privacy


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WhatsApp has introduced new privacy policy. According to WhatsApp new privacy policy 2021, it will share your data with Instagram,Facebook.


Let’s talk about something serious today. Yesterday, I opened whatsapp and i got this prompt about this new whatsapp privacy policy. So, i obviously went ahead checked it out at all the details and i was like what the crap is it. Today i’m going togive you multiple reasons to delete whatsapp.

So, basically there are three questions regarding the new whatsapp privacy policy that i’m going to answer in a very very simple manner.

  • First, What personal data is collected by whatsapp?
  • Second, What data is shared with Facebook & Insta?
  • Third, What data is shared with business accounts on whatsapp?

Previous privacy policy was promising

If we talk about the previous privacy policy from december 2019, and it starts like this respect your privacy is coded into our dna. Since we started whatsapp we have aspired to build our services with a set of strong privacy principles in mind. Now that sounds promising but this whole promising start is gone in the new privacy policy as you can see from january 2021. That does not look very good.

Lets talk about the question raised in the begining of this article.

What personal data is collected by whatsapp?

Basically whatsapp still can’t read your chats because it’s end to end encrypted but here’s everything else it knows. So, whatsapp knows what phone you’re using. I knows following details

  • Basically your phone model
  • The network you’re using your os your
  • Battery status
  • Signal strength
  • Your time zone
  • Your ip address

Along with all the other whatsapp details like your whatsapp usage which basically means how you’re using the app when you’re last online etc. Whatsapp also has access to your payment details your transactions.

Accoring to WhatsApp new privacy policy, the above information along with status updates group details like group names, picture, description, your profile picture and your about info, and the last time you updated “your about info” may be exposed. So, that’s all the data whatsapp has about you and your phone.

What data is shared with Facebook & Insta?

So, as part of the new privacy policy all of the data that can be accessed by whatsapp will be shared with facebook as well as other facebook companies like instagram. That’s not all what you share on whatsapp. It can also be used by facebook to bring you more personalized ads,offers, recommendations, content on facebook and instagram.

For example when you share a link on whatsapp. Maybe a new phone you want to buy or say a jacket you want to buy whatsapp and facebook take this info to use it for ads and other services. So don’t be surprised when you and your friends see the same ads about that phone or that jacket.

So, basically facebook now has complete access to all of your whatsapp data. And unlike in the past, When you had an option to not share your data with facebook. There’s no such option now now. You are compelled to accept this WhatsApp new privacy policy. If you want to use WhatsApp, you have to accept this policy else your account will be deleted.

What data is shared with business accounts on whatsapp?

Coming to the last question, what data is shared when you interact with the business account on whatsapp. so when you’re messaging a business account on whatsapp, you have to keep in mind that your data might be available to several people in their business. And if the business is working with other third party services your data might be shared with them too. So honestly if you’re messaging a business account on whatsapp, your data isn’t really as secure or personal. Apart from all of those details in the new whatsapp privacy policy, i also noticed a couple of really interesting and important changes that you should know.

Interesting Compariosion between old and new policy

When it comes to as the previous whatsapp policy said, we still do not allow third-party banner ads on our services that’s fine but the newer policy adds a sentence to it that says, we have no intention to introduce them but if we ever do we will update this privacy policy. which i personally think is a hint that someday we will see ads in whatsapp.

Another thing i previously did not know is when you delete your whatsapp account using the delete option in the whatsapp app, not all of your data is deleted. Now most of your data will be deleted but your data related to the groups you created or the data other users have of you like your messages sent to them will not be deleted.


It’s obvious that whatsapp is no longer a privacy focused messaging app. I mean it’s clear that all of your whatsapp data will be used by facebook from february 8th. Whether you like it or not look i think it’s the right time to switch to a more secure messaging app. I know whatsapp is deeply integrated in our lives but i think this is the right time to take a step.

How to tackle this situation

Now, there are two ways to handle the situation. One, we can wait for the government to bring up more strong laws when it comes to privacy and personal user data or second we can become more self-reliant. Uninstall whatsapp and switch to another app.

See there are two great apps you can switch to from whatsapp. There’s telegram and there’s signal now. Telegram is already very popular in india and it’s open source. So, i think it’s time we moved to telegram asked our contacts to messages there. So we can actually move away from whatsapp.


Why do I need to accept this policy?

WhatsApp upgrading its terms of service and privacy policy isn’t new. Most applications services do update their solutions sometimes. It’s standard practice that to be able to keep on utilizing these solutions, the consumer accepts the new requirements and coverage. This moment, WhatsApp is committing a deadline of February 8, 2021 to accept that the new coverage or delete your accounts.

What are the important policy changes?

The old version of this privacy policy, used to begin with these lines:’Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA. Since we began WhatsApp, we have aspired to construct our Services using a set of powerful privacy principles in your mind.’ These lines are no more part of the privacy policy. But, WhatsApp stays undamaged encrypted. Which means it can not view your messages, or talk about it with anyone. Nevertheless, the new policy indicates a growing reliance on additional Facebook products.

Closing Notes

What do you guys think? Do you think indians really care about our privacy as much to move from whatsapp to another app? comment down below also like and share this post. It’s very important that you share this article with your friends and family on “WhatsApp new privacy policy 2021”. So that they can know about this new privacy policy in whatsapp communication. And then take a well informed decision.

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