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Psychotherapist in India is a profession which has gained immense importance in recent years. In India, where stress and mental tension have become common among people, Psychotherapy is one of the best therapies. It helps the patients to come out of their mental stress and relax. As a Psychotherapist in India, you can work as per your wish. You can choose the professional doctor based on location and city so as to get the best treatment.

If you suffer from burnout or from any mental health problems, then you should opt for Psychotherapy in India. In India, there are several professional therapists from various states like Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himchai Pradesh, Delhi and many more. For quick treatment, you can just book an online appointment with any of the Psychotherapist in India and save time. According to research, Psychotherapy has become a part of Indian life for 60 years. In the western countries, Psychotherapists and Counselors are well known but here, they are comparatively new.

Comparison: Psychotherapists in India & Europe

As compared to USA and UK, the number of Psychotherapists in India is comparatively less as there are not many people Practiced in India. The main reason of low population of Psychotherapist in India is probably because in India, religion plays an important role and people do not like to consider someone who is not a Hindu as a Psychotherapist. However, as in any country, there are many people who practice Psychotherapy, so this could not be a demarcation of quality. As in every field, in India too, if you have patience, you will find qualified Psychotherapist in India. As the demand of Psychotherapy in India is increasing steadily, more qualified professionals are entering the field of Psychotherapy in India.

It would be wrong to believe that Psychotherapist in India is all good. However, as in any other country, it would be good to check the qualification and experience of the psychotherapist. In India, there are several qualified and experienced professionals who are practicing in the field of psychotherapy. So, you do not need to worry about qualification and experience of the Psychotherapist.

Current Situation

India has been acknowledged as a leading country for mental health and psychological treatment. There are lots of institutes and colleges, which are offering various courses in the field of psychology. For better education and training, many people from abroad come to India to study and get degrees in various psychological fields. This has also helped to increase the number of professionals available in the field of psychotherapy in India. Thus, it is not difficult to find qualified psychotherapists in India.

Psychotherapy in India is practiced with more efficiency and knowledge, due to various efforts and programs undertaken by the Indian Mental Health Services (IMHS) and Psychotherapy Research Organization (PRO). Many programs have been developed by these organizations and they are now in practice in almost all the states of India. All the professional organizations offer quality education and training to their mental health workforce. Hence, it is not difficult to find qualified Psychotherapists in India. Moreover, the government of India is also taking active steps to improve the standard of mental illness treatment and counseling in the country.

With the mounting pressure on Indian families, things have changed like never before. This calls for solutions that are unique in approach and hence could not be ignored at all costs. One such pressure is the degrading mental conditions, which are more often left untreated and eventually turns into a permanent scar over the years.

Modern-day problems need modern-day solutions. So here are the top psychologists that can help you get rid of ailments. 

Aqseer Sodhi

Aqseer Sodhi was a law graduate who later turned into a psychotherapist. She identifies herself as a queer, feminist listener who would love to feel heard more often. She is also the founder of Aaina therapy, through which she carters to the psychological needs of her patients spread all across the nation. She is also identified as one of the best online therapy counselors in the country. 


Akanksha is a trained psychologist who has years of handling a wide myriad of cases. Some of the prominent cases she deals with are marital issues, mental health conditions, heartbreak issues, etc. On the other hand, Akanksha has great expertise in handling drugs and alcohol issues as well. She is based in Delhi and solved more than 2000 cases. 


Ms. Pallabi hails from Kolkata and comes with more than five years of experience. Pallabi is known for her expertise in training life skills. Apart from that, she deals with a child, anger management, peer pressure, decision-making skills, among various others. Pallabi has already worked with various NGOs and government projects as well. Some of the leading organizations she has worked with are Justice Shelter home, Child Rights and Protection, among others. 

Wrap Up

No matter where you live, getting counseling with some of the finest doctors has become an easy task with the best online therapy websites. This ensures that no one is left behind in the long run.   

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