Who Invented Zero in Mathematics And When?


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Who discovered zero? |


The In ancient times, when other people were learning how to live life, scientific life was being lived in India. When the archeology of Indus Valley Civilization has been found, the whole world accepted this fact. Even today, in the field of science, India is ahead of many developed countries. But the sad thing is that we did not get credit for our many achievements.

Whether it is to tell about ‘micro-organisms’ by Lord Mahavira or about ‘atoms’ by Maharishi Kanad. But some things were given credit to us, one of whichInvention of Zero’Too. In this article, we will talk on the subject of ‘Who has invented Zero and when?’


Although the contribution of zero (zero) is in every field, but it is counted as one of the greatest inventions of mathematics. Thinking once, if zero was not discovered then how would mathematics be today? Mathematics would have been there but not as accurate today. This is the reason why the invention of 0 is included in the most important inventions.

As soon as it comes to the invention of zero, many questions arise in our mind. Who invented zero? When was zero invented? How was calculation before the invention of zero and what is the significance of invention of zero? In this article we Invention of zero We will talk about its history in detail.

What are zeros?

Zero There is a mathematical numeral that can be called a number in common language. Well, zero has no value, but if it comes to a number, then its mother increases ten times as if 1 becomes zero if it is 10 and 10 is zero before 100!

But if Zero is placed in front of a number, its value remains the same as if it is 0 before 99, then it will be 099, ie the value of the number will not decrease or increase. If zero is multiplied by a number, then only 0 will come and if 0 is divided by a number, the answer will be infinite.


Important information about Zero

Explain that zero (zero) in mathematics works as the additive identities of integers, real numbers or any other algebraic structures. The same zero is also used as a placeholder in the Place Value System.

Zero to english Zero Also called Nought (UK) and Naught (US). In simple language, zero is the smallest number which is no-negetive number but it has no value.


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Who invented Zero?

Before the invention of zero, Mathematicos had difficulty in counting numbers and solving many mathematical questions. If seen, the invention of zero is like a revolution in the field of mathematics. If zero was not invented, then mathematics would have been many times more difficult than it is today.

The way we use 0 today and the exact definition of zero that we have is present is entirely unique. Behind this, the contributions of many mathematicians and scientists are included. But the main credit for the invention of Zero goes to an Indian scholars ‘Brahmagupta. Because he only introduced zero with principles in the beginning.

Before Brahmagupta, the great mathematician and astrologer of India, Aryabhata used zero, so many people considered Aryabhata also the father of zero. But because of not giving theory, he is not considered the main inventor of zero. There have been differences from the beginning about the invention of zero. Because the calculation is being done a long time ago but without zero it seems impossible.

But it is not so, even before, people used zero in various ways without any principles and it did not even have any symbol. Brahmagupta introduced it with symbols and principles and was used by mathematician and astrologer Aryabhata.

When and where was Zero invented?

Invention of zero Many symbols were already being used as placeholders. In such a situation, it cannot be said clearly when zero was invented but in 628 AD, the great Indian mathematician ‘Brahmagupta‘ used zero accurately with symbols and principles.

History of Zero

To understand the invention of zero, it is very important to understand the history of zero. Today’s principle of zero and its uses are quite modern. But initially people did not use it as such. If seen, it was invented as a placeholder and later its use gradually increased.

Zero was being used even before Brahmagupta invented zero. Yes, it has been seen in the archeology and texts of many ancient temples. It is not that it cannot be said that when 0 was invented and when it has been in use, but it is certain that it is the gift of India.

Until a few years ago, it was difficult to go from one country to another, so we are talking about centuries ago. Then there was no means of communication, that is, the person living in one corner of the world does not even know that someone is living in the other corner of the world.

All the people were living in their own way and are developing at their own pace. It is clear that calculations were being done in every civilization, but the symbols of numbers were different. In the beginning, zero was just one placeholder. But later it became an important part of mathematics.

It is said that the concept of zero is very old but it was fully developed in India till the 5th century. The first people to introduce the calculation system were Sumerians. The Babylonian civilization accepted the calculation system from them. When this calculation system was based on symbols.

It was invented 4 to 5 thousand years ago. The Babylonian civilization used some symbols as placeholders. This place Holders 10 and 100 Used to make a difference between and complete numbers like 2025.

After the Babylonian civilization, Mayano began to use 0 as a placeholder. He started using it in building the almanac system. But he never used 0 in the calculation. After this, the name of India comes from where 0 came in its form today.

Many people believe that 0 came to India from the Babylonian civilization, but most people accept that 0 did not develop India completely and spread from here to the whole world.

Zero was called Zero in India Which is a Sanskrit word. The concept of zero and its definition was first given by the Indian mathematician Brahmagupta in 628 AD. After this it continued to develop in India. Later in the 8th century, zero Arbo ji reached the civilization from which it has become the form of today.0‘ met.

Finally it reached Europe around the 12th century and European calculations improved. That is, overall, our country has the biggest contribution to the invention of zero.

What is Aryabhata’s contribution to the invention of zero?

Many people believe that hearing was invented by India’s popular mathematician and astrologer Aryabhata. This is also true to a large extent because Aryabhata was the first person who gave the concept of zero.

Aryabhata believed that there should be a digit that could represent ten as a ten-digit symbol and a zero as a single digit (with no value).

Means that Aryabhata gave the concept of zero And after that, in the sixth century, 0 gave the principle of 0. Apart from Aryabhata Brahmagupta, Chunni’s invention is credited to another Indian mathematician whose name was Sridharacharya. Sridharcharya invented the operation of zero in India in the 8th century and explained its properties.

Who discovered zero?

I hope you find this article Who invented zero? interesting and must have liked. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about when the invention of zero was done. so that they could be contacted on other sites or internet. There is no need to search in the context of that article.

This will also save time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write the following comments.

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