Swift Programming Language : Why Choose Swift Programming Language for Your Next App Development Project


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Overview: Swift Programming Language

There is no denying the fact that iOS is the second most popular mobile platform, providing businesses exciting opportunities to reach its target audience. There are a lot of people who love Apple for many reasons and use its devices and gadgets for fulfilling their business and personal needs. Why Choose Swift Programming Language for Your Next App Development Project?

If you are a business owner and thinking of launching an iOS version of a mobile app, choosing the right tech stack is probably the most challenging decision you need to make to complete the development project. And if you are planning to choose native development, deciding which language to choose is the biggest decision ever.

Swift is one of the most intuitive programming languages that is making groundbreaking changes in the mobile app development industry. The programming language is used for different Apple operating systems, such as iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and Linux applications.

Swift is providing exciting opportunities for startups and small businesses to transform their app idea into reality. From providing unique features to interactive interfaces, Swift can add many unique functionalities to your iOS app. If you are thinking why you should choose Swift for your mobile app development project, here are some convincing reasons to choose Swift over other programming languages.

Develop Fast Apps

One of the major reasons for choosing Swift for your app development project is its ability to develop fast and secure apps. This groundbreaking programming language powered by Apple can help developers build apps that run fast and flawlessly. It is easier to read and write, requires minimal coding compared to Objective-C. Its simple syntax helps you develop apps at a faster pace which will eventually increase your productivity. It’s interesting to know that Swift is 2.6x faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python.

Improved Safety and High-Performance

Swift is exclusively made with performance, safety and speed in mind. The programming language has an amazing typing system, robust coding and error handling can identify bugs and prevent code cashes. Keep in mind that Swift has a shorter feedback loop that allows developers to easily identify errors in the code and get them fixed instantly. It efficiently reduces the time and effort required for identifying bugs and increasing the chances of deploying high quality code.  

Easy to Maintain

Formerly, iOS development was a challenging task for developers, they had to use Objective-C for developing iOS apps which are dependent on C language. Thanks to Swift programming language, Swift doesn’t have any dependencies, making it easier for your mobile app developers company to maintain files. C language requires developers and programmers to maintain two separate code files to improve the build time and efficiency of the code.

Dynamic Libraries Support

When it comes to mobile app development, developers use different third-party code and different open source frameworks and libraries to write efficient code. Usually, these libraries are static and dynamic, and sometimes shared. The best part of using Swift is that it offers dynamic library support that makes it one of the best programming languages. Dynamic libraries compared to static libraries only need one copy for your program.


Swift libraries are integrated into every iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS release. It provides your custom software development team with a great opportunity to build apps with smaller size due to the dynamic libraries support.

Automatic Memory Counting

Swift uses a cutting-edge technology of Automatic Memory Counting (ARC) which is intended to add a garbage collector function. Before this technology, iOS developers had to manage memory manually, thanks to Swift ARC feature, it automatically determines which instances are no longer in use and remove them. This amazing feature allows your development team to improve the performance of your app without lagging your memory.

Open Source: Swift Programming Language

Swift is an open source, allowing coders to easily upgrade the codes, identify the bugs and different other purposes. The open-source programming language can also be used for a number of platforms and backend infrastructure. Since Swift has support from Apple and IBM, it quickly gained active open source communities. The programming language offers a lot of resources that helps developers speed the development process.

Effective for Frontend and Backend Development

IBM took the initiative to put this iOS programming language in the cloud that makes it capable of integrating different popular backend technologies. You can use Swift for both backend and frontend development that allows extensive code sharing, speed up the development process and reduce the development efforts.

Linux Development Support: Swift Programming Language  

Besides providing support for all iOS devices, Mac, MacBook, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and Apple Watch, Swift also supports Linux and Windows platforms. You can use Swift for developing Linux applications.

Highly Interactive Environment

Another benefit of using Swift for your next development project is that it can work in a highly interactive environment. Your design and development team can instantly see the output when coding. It makes it a bit easier for developers to highlight errors in coding and rectify the error in the coding stage. The feedback loop improves the speed at which code is written with the help of data visualizations.

Unique Playground Features: Swift Programming Language

Swift offers a development environment that enables coders to test a new algorithm without developing an entire app. Inline code execution is a great feature that allows mobile app development companies in Dallas to develop a number of code while instantly getting feedback to make tweaks and complete the project.  

Concluding Thoughts: Swift Programming Language

iOS app development was once considered a time consuming and challenging task. Thanks to Swift, it has made iOS app development easier and simpler. This programming language contains a wide range of useful components, offers dynamic library support, providing app developers an opportunity to write safe, fast and user-friendly iOS apps.   


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