Why Hire a Professional Data Recovery Service?


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If you have encountered sudden data loss, you might be wondering right now whether to use data recovery software or seek the services of a recovery professional. When it comes to retrieving your important business data or precious personal files, it is important to carefully evaluate all the available options to prevent permanent data loss. Even if you have accidentally deleted files or lost data due to some other reason, there are high chances of getting your files back. However, one wrong step could cause permanent data loss. For instance, running data recovery software incorrectly could overwrite data that could cause irreversible damage to your data. Likewise, using any hit and trial method should be avoided because that would only make data recovery even more complicated.

All data storage devices such as hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, NAS, RAID, and more are prone to physical damages and logical errors. Even the top brand devices like Seagate hard drive, SanDisk memory card, and Western Digital My Cloud can crash and render your data inaccessible. Unless you have maintained up-to-date backup, issues like mechanical failure, malware, human error, file corruption, or physical damage may result in the loss of all the recent files that were not backed up. If you don’t want to take any risk, it is best to seek the services of a data recovery company. With that in mind, here are some reasons to hire a data recovery service.

Minimum Downtime

When it comes to business data, loss of critical files could lead to significant downtime.  Even if you have in-house IT professionals, data recovery could take several days and there is even risk of losing your data forever. This happens because IT professionals do not necessarily have the skills and access to advanced tools to recover data from different types of devices. The dedicated data recovery companies have engineers who have the qualifications and experience to expedite the data recovery process. Moreover, they have cleanroom laboratories that ensure safe data recovery.

Efficient Results

Recovering a massive volume of data from complex devices such as NAS and RAID could be complicated. The method used for data recovery depends on the cause of the loss- physical damage, logical corruption, or human error. Depending on the cause, extent, and type of device, data recovery professionals use proper techniques to restore the maximum amount of lost data. They understand different types of storage devices that allow them to offer specialized services such as RAID, NAS, or WD My Cloud data recovery services. Besides recovering your data safely and efficiently, the best service provider will also maintain the confidentiality of your documents. Reliable data recovery companies have a stringent data privacy policy.

Reasonable Prices

People prefer DIY methods or free data recovery software simply to save a few bucks. However, when it comes to your important data, your preference should be saving the data not money. It is a misconception that data recovery service providers have exorbitant charges. Seeking their services is, in fact, an economical solution because you don’t need to invest in software or tools to recover data of your own that could possibly cause permanent data loss.


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