More self-confidence through cosmetics – why many women really use lipstick and powder brushes!


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Most women in this country use different cosmetic products every day to make themselves pretty for everyday life and work. But doesn’t true beauty actually come from within?
This question can be answered with a clear ‘yes’ if it refers to the charisma and charisma of a woman. Because these properties cannot be applied with make-up and powder brushes . However, it strengthens the self-confidence of many women when they also feel beautiful and attractive on the outside.

A European study has shown that cosmetics increase the self-confidence and quality of life of many women enormously. Over 70 percent of the women surveyed said that cosmetics are very important for their everyday life. Beauty and a fulfilled life therefore go hand in hand and are therefore inseparable.

According to this, strong women excel in expressing their inner beauty. But one cannot speak of self-confidence made up right away. Because self-esteem cannot simply be applied to the skin with a few cosmetic products. So it mainly depends on how women apply make-up and which cosmetics are used in everyday life. We have taken a look at the facets of the beauty routine and reveal why cosmetics contribute to more well-being and healthy skin care .

High-quality cosmetic products are
all the rage When it comes to stylish and attractive make-up, more and more women are turning to high-quality brands. Most women focus oncosmetic products from MAC Cosmetics and other high-quality cosmetic brands. Many women are increasingly turning to various online shops such as to stock up on high-quality cosmetic products. Through social media such as Facebook and Instagram, influencers set the tone and say which cosmetics products are particularly recommended. Accordingly, there are less and less spontaneous purchases, but rather purchases of recommended products from social media.

European study confirms: cosmetics increase self-confidence
In a recent survey across Europe, more than 4,000 women were asked about the use and effects of cosmetic products. It turned out that most women resort to cosmetic products in order to improve their quality of life and to feelmore self-confident in everyday life and at work. Many women also stated that the use of cosmetic lines is one of the finer things in life. The main thing here is to feel more attractive yourself in order to have a more positive effect on those around you. A well-groomed and attractive appearance therefore also strengthens self-confidence.

Those who feel good in their body have a better quality of life!
The skin and the external appearanceare much more than just a shell. Rather, appearance is the calling card of personality. Because before one becomes aware of the internal character traits, one encounters the external. Accordingly, it is important for many women that the external appearance also matches the internal values. Those who feel good in their skin can significantly improve their quality of life. Here it is above all the complexion of the face that should be particularly well-groomed and attractive. It is by no means a question of age to feel beautiful on the outside through cosmetic products, but rather a need for attractiveness and a positive perception.


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