Why My TikTok Videos Are Not Getting Views: Easy Tips


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 “Why my TikTok videos are not getting views?” This is a very common query TikTok content creators have. Let us understand how it works.

TikTok is an interactive and entertaining app. In recent years it has gained a lot of popularity. Money and brand deals in TikTok are second to none. People usually ask why my TikTok videos are not getting views?” this question is pretty justifiable. Because views are directly proportionate to the money earned in this superb app. The more views you have the more TikTok will pay you. It is pretty simple to understand. Approximately you would earn about 2 to 3 cents per thousand views on TikTok. You can easily do the math and know how you would be getting on a million views.

TikTok has provided a kind of opportunity that was not available few years back as for that matter. People needed connections to be able to come into the limelight and become a celebrity. Talent used to get wasted. But not anymore. If you think you have talent. You can entertain people with it and you can influence people with your videos. Then TikTok is the tailormade platform for you. Even if you are just a viewer and want to see the content of other people. Even then you are dearly welcomed. There is no shortage or scarcity of content here. There 500 million daily TikTok users. So you can do the maths yourself and get to know that how many videos are available here.

Whatever you like is here. You love to see the drama of celebrities it is here, you want to see the news it is here. Conspiracies are here, dance videos are here, funny videos like vines are here. In short, there is something for everyone on TikTok. You just need to download the app and just get going with it. You would definitely not regret it. It is the perfect source of daily refreshment and fun. And also can be a perfect way to escape from reality.


TikTok is an app that is recognized worldwide. It has users all over the world. People use it for fun and entertainment. You can see your favourite creators making exciting videos on it. TikTok has given a platform to people to showcase their talent in front of millions. You may not even like someone’s content then you can unfollow them. Do people often ask about how do you increase TikTok views? By following them you would be getting their content on your screen. People follow to see the content only which they like and which suits their preference of genre. You can increase views by following others. If you follow others, they will also follow you and see your videos which ultimately increase your views.

But if you want to unfollow someone you followed a while ago. Then for it go on your profile. To go on your profile you need to click the “me” button which is on the bottom right of your screen. This will open up your profile. Then just click on the following option and either scroll to the account you want to unfollow. Or just search it on the search bar. Once you find the account simply click on the button that is showing the following. When you click it then you have unfollowed them.

Importance of TikTok Videos views

There is no shortage of viewers on TikTok. You can get so many viewers and easily can go viral on TikTok. All you need is to be creative, understand the algorithm, and also understand the taste and preference of your viewers. Once you can analyze the taste of your audience. Then you will start producing much better content for that matter. Over 500 million active accounts TikTok has every single day. So you can see that you at all times stand at a chance of going viral. There so many TikTok content creators that have over a billion views. Just imagine how much they would be earning.

People often insist on following and likes. Which is good and understandable. But the main thing that concerns your growth and income is views. The higher they are the more you would earn as simple as that. If you regularly bag a million views then you are likely to get good ads from top companies. And even get brand sponsorships. This is because the ad you are promoting will be seen by a higher number of audience thus would profit you more. It is simple maths. People ask “why my TikTok videos are not getting views?” but to be honest it is not that hard to answer.

How to get a high number of TikTok Videos views?

With having so many active users indeed you are at more chance of being viewed. Think like this that more users mean more content simply means more competition. People have so much to look at on TikTok. Then why would they see you? You need to be special, creative and think out of the box for it. For shorter and early success you can definitely settle on going with the trends. But if you want to make a name for yourself then is your creativity and originality in videos is what is of utmost importance. Your content defines you. Do not let it make a bad reputation for you.

Focus on sharing content. Ask your friends, family to share your content. This will help you to get some free exposure. Regularly join the shoutout and giveaways of famous and big creators. Also, ask your viewers to like and share your content. Through likes, you can increase your account’s engagement. Take feedback from your viewers seriously. Use the feedback to improve your account. Viewers are the king and you have to serve them remember that. At least initially you need to be more considerate towards your viewers and listen more to them. Or you can also buy followers on TikTok. More followers mean more viewers.

Where to buy Real TikTok Videos Views?

If you wish to have an easier way towards getting TikTok Videos views on TikTok then do not worry. Certainly, it is now even possible to buy followers on TikTok. More followers mean more views. Famoid is known for providing TikTok followers to budding creators. You can buy tiktok views with a little investment. The offers vary according to the needs of different people. You can check it for yourself and can get the best one for you.

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