How to Restore Your Wi-Fi Speed with Easy Tips and Tricks


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Overview: Wi-Fi Speed

Are you tired of using slow Wi-Fi? Don’t worry, we have some solutions for you! Read this blog and find out the tricks that will increase your Wi-Fi speed!

Dying internet speeds are not likable especially when you are away from your modem and playing a game on your phone. At such times, the only thing that happens is one losing their temper. However, stay relaxed and apply some quick fixes to improve your Wi-Fi speed.

If you have subscribed to a good plan such as 5G offerings from Charter Spectrum internet plans or any other ISPs then the only reason your Wi-Fi may be down could be extreme weather or power outage. If that’s not the case then the following fixes will definitely restore and improve your Wi-Fi speed!

Check for Wire Issues

Make sure that the transmission of the internet from the source to your house is okay. It’s highly likely that the wired connection may be cut off from some point. Just look in close vicinity of your house. Obviously, you can’t check the entire line.

Another reason your Wi-Fi may not be working is that your laptop may be malfunctioning. To test this, use an Ethernet cable and plug it into your laptop. If it’s working then there’s something wrong with your device. Performing a speed test is also a good idea. If the results aren’t good, it may be because of some weather condition or power outage. At such a point, try calling your ISP to find out about the root problem.

Update Firmware of Router

Keep a check on the updates for your router. Every now and then, they are available so that the router is better able to perform. Check the official website of the manufacturer after regular intervals. If you keep on checking for updates, you may never have to encounter Wi-Fi connectivity issues. 

Position Router Properly

Wireless coverage differs in different homes. Therefore, take note that if you have a big house then you will need a router to effectively share the Wi-Fi signal with all the users at your home. Try placing the device at a central location. Moreover, to avoid signal interference, place it away from the vicinity of electronics such as ovens, etc. Why? This is because the microwaves from the oven can greatly affect the Wi-Fi signal.

Do note that you should open up the antennas of your router so that it can catch disperse the signals effectively. Make sure to monitor the signal strength from your router. You may need to place the device at different places to determine where the maximum signal strength comes from.

Check Frequency

Take a look at your frequency in the network administrator interface and switch your dual-band router to 5 GHz from 2.4 GHz. Frequencies matter a lot and reduce the interference from other networks and devices. Another useful thing to do is to provide the same SSID and password to both your 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies. As a result, your device can automatically switch to the best one!

Limit Users

Sometimes, even though you don’t know, many users are using your Wi-Fi. Do you why that it? It’s simply because the security on your Wi-Fi is insufficient, the password is compromised, and people are using it without you knowing. It’s very likely that a neighbor is using your Wi-Fi. You can take certain steps to take care of this situation. Put a limit to the number of users. Additionally, you can allow only certain devices (you must have their MAC address) to use your Wi-Fi! With that said, changing your password to a stronger one may be a good idea too.

Obviously, if you’re a subscriber of an internet package and stream your favorite shows then bad Wi-Fi speed will bug you greatly. I can stream my favorite shows on TV because I subscribed to an offer from Charter Spectrum TV packages. With that said, for video-on-demand, I rely on my Wi-Fi service. The above techniques work just fine for me. Try out for yourself and you’ll be glad you read this blog!

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