A nice thought – without surgery, the skin becomes youthful and firm again, the wrinkles and the ugly pigment spots that so often form in old age no longer stand a chance. This is made possible with a new type of peeling based on fruit acids. But it’s not that easy, because chemical peeling has its dangers.

The fruit acid peeling is the latest trend when it comes to eternal youth. It penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin, improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces the annoying wrinkles and also removes pigment spots. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy this peeling in the pharmacy or drugstore, you have to either go to a dermatologist or a medical beautician.
The preparations alone take two weeks, during which the skin slowly gets used to the fruit acid. Once this has happened, the actual peeling is applied. The procedure is repeated six times and then the skin is allegedly youthful and wrinkle-free again.

Women with more sensitive skin should not try it, otherwise in the worst case it can lead to chemical burns with scarring or lasting pigmentation disorders. By the way, a session costs around 100 euros, a fraction of what a lifting would cost. However, the magnificence does not last long either and has to be repeated from time to time.

But what the heck if you look good in the meantime, it’s always worth considering!


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