The accessories are essential part of our look. Especially the pieces of jewelery have the great ability to give an outfit a special touch or to accentuate our face. Choosing them carefully is an art that few have mastered but that everyone should know. the first basics rule for a successful combination is certainly the harmony of the pieces of jewellery if the watches for successful combination is certainly the harmony of the pieces of jewellery if the watches are very large  the bracelets must be more modest and if the necklace you are wearing is very eye-catching, the earrings must be smaller.
The earrings, in particular, are a valuable accessory with which we can enhance our outfit and our face in equal measure and which at the same time set visual accents. While it’s a small detail, such details can make a huge difference and have a powerful impact on a visual level. But how do you find the perfect model of earrings? How can you beautify your face with earrings? Here are a few tricks to keep in mind.

Choosing the right model

Either a small point of light or a large splash of color – earrings play a strong role in the design of an outfit. Not many people know that earrings have the ability to illuminate the face and, on the contrary, highlight flaws, so understanding how to choose the right type of accessories is very important. For example, hanging earrings are ideal for those who have a round or heart-shaped face because they help create a special optical effect that elongates the face a little. On the contrary, pearls and models of earrings attached to the earlobe, perfect for those who have more rigid facial features, should be avoided at all costs.

Skin color and undertone

Skin tone is often overlooked by many women when it comes to purchasing an earring model. In fact, it’s a very important aspect, and when it comes to colors, learning which ones will best accentuate your skin tone is important. For example, if your skin has a cool undertone, you should go for a silver accessory. On the contrary, if you have a warm undertone, then it is better to choose jewelry in yellow gold. Still not sure what your undertone is? Don’t worry, just do a few tests in the mirror to see which color suits you and which doesn’t.

Earrings and hairstyle: the perfect combination!

Hairstyle, especially for women, is one aspect to consider when choosing earrings because it changes the way we perceive a person’s face. Hanging earrings are ideal when paired with a hairstyle with trapped hair. In this case, the bigger they are, the more the face will be highlighted. If, on the other hand, the hair is left bare, then it is better to opt for smaller and more modest earrings. In this case, however, you could opt for a light-colored model that will draw attention to the face.

The job of the earrings

The basis for choosing an accessory is certainly a person’s personality. So, in order to understand which type of earrings suits our tastes more, we need to ask ourselves what role they must have. It is therefore important to decide whether you want to wear earrings to brighten up, complete or even define the outfit. Just think about the meaning of these words to envision a particular model to wear. Don’t be afraid to play with your personality and dare to choose your perfect piece of jewelry!


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