Since winter season now extends over several long months the skin suffers colds winds, snow and ice quickly dry out our skin. In addition to cracked and sore skin it even goes off in most of those affected. That why a rich, moisturizing cream is important than ever. Everyone can make their own contribution to skin rejuvenation.

Valuable tips to have soft, supple and well-perfused skin, especially in winter

Most people look very pale in the cold season. All the more, they cherish the desire for healthy-looking, supple skin. But anyone who thinks that a cream that is as fatty as possible can remedy this is wrong. Too much fat in the day or night cream makes impurities very easy. The result is blackheads, pimples and shiny skin. Ingredients such as olive, sesame or peanut oil are particularly prone to impurities. In order to find out which active ingredients your skin needs, especially in winter, it is extremely important to consult a specialist. This can be the dermatologist, a beautician or the pharmacist around the corner. You can quickly see which cream is ideal for which skin type.

Above all, it should always be remembered that a different cream should be used in summer than in winter. Skin rejuvenation also means regular skin care. In addition to visits to a beautician who does a deep cleansing of the face, masks that are specially designed for the skin type are highly recommended. The great side effect of this is that the result is immediately visible after applying a mask and you look younger, fresher and healthier. To accelerate and deepen the absorption of the cream into the skin, it is advisable to massage the entire face with your fingertips for three to five minutes. Among other things, this also promotes blood circulation.

A clean, smooth appearance is very important to most. As the tips show, everyone can make their own contribution.

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